Tattoos That Symbolize a New Beginning

Tattoos play an essential role in many people’s life; every tattoo has a certain meaning or significance. Tattoos represent honor or memory of special events, like symbolizing struggles and obstacles, a relationship, birth, or difficulty that someone is overcoming. Tattoos can be reminders, goals, dreams, and motivation for a new beginning, communication of messages and […]

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Scissors Tattoo Meaning

Every tattoo has a deep meaning and history to it, just like that, even a scissors tattoo has a very clear but deep meaning. People love getting tattoos, especially if something major has helped them get through something or as a reminder of a loss of something.  Each individual has a different reason for getting […]

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Reflective Mirror Tattoo Meaning

Mirror tattoos are classic and perfect for anyone who wants to add a vintage touch to their skin. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes can be added almost anywhere on the body. The mirror’s border can be intricate with a lot of detail and be the main artistic element of the tattoo.  Other artists attempt […]

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The Symbolic Hedgehog Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos are something that people get engraved on their skin as a reminder of something important to them, or as a symbol of making them a better and stronger person. Tattoos continue to reflect an individual’s life, but they still are a very stereotypical talk in many different cultures of the world. Every person has […]

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Agave Tattoo Meaning & Cool Designs

Agave Tattoo On Hand.

For anyone who loves the desert, or the mesmerizing shape of the flora found there, the Agave tattoo can be the right choice. Known for its medicinal properties and its use to make tequila, this plant has had a strong place in Central American history and is still popular today. Found in parts of Mexico […]

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Mythological Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

Phoenix Tattoo On Wrist.

The phoenix is a popular tattoo design for many. It’s mythological meaning holds great power as does the illustration of the bird itself. The colors of orange, yellow and red are a powerful combination and the feathers gives artists a lot to work with in terms of lines and movement. Phoenix Tattoo Meaning The phoenix, […]

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Tattoos That Represent Power

Tattoos That Represent Power.

Tattoos are ideally a big deal when it comes to representing yourself. For some of us who find it difficult to represent ourselves, tattoos help us to do that. No matter how small or big the tattoo is, there is always some meaning to it that makes you feel different from others and may help […]

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Snowflake Tattoo Meaning And Cool Designs

Snowflakes are magical, symmetrical and delicate. Every single snowflake that falls in the winter is unique. Snowflakes are sharp, sparkly crystals that fall when temperatures are below freezing. If you catch a snowflake on your fingertips, you can see the distinct shape that it forms. Nowadays, people post magnified images of snowflakes that really show […]

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Tattoos That Represent Love for Parents

Getting a tattoo can be a very intimidating and difficult decision, which makes tattoos dedicated to your parents a safe bet. Show your love for your parents and all that they have done for you through a beautiful tattoo. Tattoo Designs and Ideas Tattoos are more than just ink. Sure these masterpieces look incredibly beautiful, […]

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