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36 Mechanical Arm Tattoos With Meanings


Looking for a tattoo design that is popular and unique, something that will really grab the attention of anyone within in a few feet? The mechanical arm tattoos have really grown in popularity in recent years, and tattoo artists are taking things to the extreme by creating what appears to be works of art right on the surface of the skin.

For those not familiar with the mechanical arm tattoos, they appear to resemble the flesh being torn away to reveal robotic parts beneath, something in line with the Terminator movies where a cyborg work human-like skin to hide his mechanical parts.

If you are intrigued, here is what all the excitement is about when it comes to the mechanical arm tattoos:

The Perception of Power

Take one look at the mechanical arm tattoos and they scream power. For a second, the mind’s eye is tricked to believing that the skin is being pulled back to reveal actual working robotic parts in the arm. These tattoos are representative of power, commitment, determination, and driving forces.

Robots never sleep, they work non-stop without rest, and this is the perception the tattoo gives off. This person can be called upon to get the job done in any area of live, whether work, family, or relationship related. The mechanical parts below the surface of the skin are working all the time to protect and move forward.

Having What it Takes

Given the choice between giving a menial task to a human or robot, most would choose the robot because they have what it takes to complete the job as instructed.

When you get the mechanical arm tattoos, you tell the world you have what it takes, whether at work, in love, or in life, you have that inner force that will drive and push until the goal is achieved.

Like a robot, this is not about feelings, it is about an unparalleled determination to get to the end result. This tattoo can represent for some a lack of feelings when it comes to dealing with situations in the real world.

Getting the Job Done

Just like in the movies about the Terminator, that robot was not going to ever stop until his final objective was met. Today, the mechanical arm tattoos symbolize passion, dedication, commitment, strength, and determination.

These designs can be as simple as a small patch on the arm revealing some working mechanical parts below, or the entire arm inked up with metal pistons, levers, and controls you would see in a real robot.

Some full-sleeve tattoos can be so impressive you have to look twice to make certain the arm is not in fact robotic. This person will certainly get the job done, regardless how challenging it may appear to mortals.

As you can see here, the mechanical arm tattoos can mean different things to different people. Whether getting an entire sleeve tattoo or just peeling back the skin in certain areas to give the glimpse of the working robotic components below, these are some of the most creative, eye-catching, and memorable tattoo designs that you will see in the coming years.

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