5 Simple Ways How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are not just for kids any longer, as adults are finding they provide that hardcore look without committing to getting black or white tattoo ink under their skin for life.

The one issue with temporary tattoos is they can be some what of a challenge to remove.

Regardless why you are using the tattoos, these five methods on “how to remove temporary tattoos?” should help you to remove it without any issues at all.

Method #1: Scrubbing the Tattoo

The majority of temporary tattoos are designed to withstand coming in contact with water.

To remove the temporary tattoo more easily, simply apply a couple drops of baby oil, body scrub, or facial scrub to the area.

Leave the solution on the skin for a few minutes, then grab a clean wash cloth and begin rubbing that tattoo vigorously.

Clumps of the temporary tattoo will start to peel off. Once the majority of the tattoo is removed, wash the area with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

Method #2: Applying Make Up Remover

Using make up remover is a fast and painless way to remove a temporary tattoo from the skin. For this method of how to remove temporary tattoos, you simply need a cotton ball, some makeup remover, and a clean towel.

Allow the cotton ball to soak up the makeup remover, do not apply the solution to the skin directly or you could make a mess and get the remover on something it could stain.

Once the cotton ball is soaked, gently rub it over the surface of the temporary tattoo.

The tattoo should begin to peel off after a few passes of the cotton ball, continue until the entire print has come off.

Now wash the skin under warm water with some soap. Use a clean towel and pat dry the skin surface.

Method #3: Peeling Off the Tattoo

While this method on how to remove temporary tattoos sounds barbaric, it is actually painless and quite effective.

To start, you will need to rip off several pieces of clear tape from the dispenser. Tape such as Scotch Tape is ideal for removing the temporary tattoo without causing any pain.

Place the pieces of tape on the edge of the table for easy access. Put one piece of tape sticky side down on the tattoo and press firmly.

Use your fingers to rub down the tape on that tattoo. Begin slowly peeling off the tape from your skin, the temporary tattoo will start to peel off with that tape.

It will take a few tries, so use a fresh piece of tape after each pass. Once tattoo is removed, rub the skin surface with an ice-cube to reduce any redness caused from the peeling of the tape.

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Method #4: Using Nail Polish Remover

For this method of removing temporary tattoos, all you need is some nail polish remover, a cotton ball, and a clean cloth.

Soak the cotton ball with the nail polish remover, then gently scrub the area where the tattoo is until it begins to flake.

Soak the cotton ball a second time if any pieces of the tattoo remain after the first try. Once the skin is clear of the tattoo, wash the area with soap and warm water.

Use a clean cloth to remove any acetone left on the skin from the nail polish remover.

Method #5: Cold Cream Tattoo Remover

This method might not work so well on children as it does adults because it takes approximately an hour to be effective.

Apply a generous amount of the cold cream to the surface of the skin where you have the temporary tattoo you need removed.

The tattoo needs to be completely covered by the cold cream. The cream needs to soak into the skin for approximately one hour.

Once the cold cream has been in place long enough, use a clean wash cloth to gently rub away a section of the tattoo.

The tattoo should wipe off easily without any real effort. Once the tattoo has been completely removed, use some soap and warm water to remove the remnants of the cold cream left behind on the skin surface.

These five methods on how to remove temporary tattoos utilize products that you already have in your home.


They are simple to use on children, and will cause no irritation to the skin as long as you are not rubbing the skin too hard.

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