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A Review on the Best Tattoo Thermal Copiers in the Market

Tattoos come in different shades, colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. Each of these aspects delivers a different message of the symbol inked on your body. As tattoos are a unique way of conveying a message about your personality and identity, it is important that you get the right tattoo inked on your body. Not only that, but you should be cautious with the tools used and make sure your body comes into contact with the best one in the market for a better look.

Tattoo artists have to use the right tools so that they can get the job done with accuracy and precision. Before we share the best products, you must know what a tattoo thermal copier is. A thermal copier helps a tattoo artist to create stencils on transfer paper. As the name suggests, these devices use a heating mechanism for transferring the pattern onto the client’s skin.

Here we list some of the best tattoo thermal copiers so that if you plan on buying one, you can make an informed decision.

BIOAMSER Tattoo Machine

This product makes it to the top of our list, as many tattoo artists are familiar with this machine. This amazing tattoo thermal copier comes with a compact design, and it is best for transferring simple designs to the client’s skin. While it has some advantages for the tattoo artist, this machine has some flaws too.



  • Has a compact design
  • Doesn’t require unnecessary adjustments
  • It comes with normal copy modes, making it perfect for simple lines and patterns.


  • It is not effective when it comes to complex tattoos.
  • You have to change the machine settings when selecting between normal copy and mirror copy.

BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

This is a very convenient and easy to control machine. It is a great device to transfer stencils without any difficulties or efforts. It is a lightweight thermal printer, weighing only 1.6kg. This tattoo stencil machine has a stable performance with low heat and low noise. Moreover, this product comes with an 18-month warranty too.

BMX Tattoo Machine


  • It has an 18-month warranty
  • Built with a compact design
  • The product doesn’t need any toner or ink.


  • This machine might not be suitable for complex tattoos. Only effective for simple designs
  • Needs rest for a few minutes after every 1-2 sheets transfer for better effect

ATOMUS Thermal Copier Machine Tattoo Stencils

It is easy to operate device, convenient, and suitable for copying the designs on to the transfer paper accurately and efficiently. This machine comes with additional features, such as allowing the artists to edit, resize, and make any other changes they feel are necessary to make.

ATOMUS Tattoo Machine


  • Fast transfer printing speed
  • low heat and low noise
  • Easy to make edits and changes


  • Some reviews have stated there is usually a connection problem with the printer.
  • Have to let it cool after 1-2 transfer sheets for better results

Filfeel Tattoo Printer, Transfer Copier

This is a solid machine that allows the artists to print stencils on customer’s skin with precision and seamless fashion. This product comes along with multiple keys that can operate separate functions. For instance, an indicator that lets you know that there might be something wrong with the device

FilFeel Tattoo Printer


  • Made of environmentally-friendly ABS material
  • No ink or toner is required to assist in printing
  • Doesn’t overheat easily


  • Not best for complex shadow tattoos
  • Little noisy


This product is pretty advance when it comes to performance. The device uses heat-sensitive papers and heating pins instead of the common toner or ink used in other devices. The compact machine outputs a crisp stencil.

TOEC MINI 1 Printer


  • Comes with USB Cable and power adapter
  • Option to print using a smartphone
  • Has a 3-minute sleep function


  • The device is pretty expensive as compared with others.
  • Runs out of stock quickly

Dragonhawk Thermal Copier Machine Tattoo Stencils

If you compare this product with other devices, you’ll notice this is much slimmer and has a broader shape too. The device has two deepness levels when it comes to copying, 1 and 2 for fine and heavy lines, respectively. Many tattoo artists believe this device is ideal for transfer paper. It is a compatible device and will surely be convenient to use.

Dragohawk Tattoo Machine


  • Copied documents for fine and heavy lines by deepness 1 and deepness 2
  • Comes with an error indicator
  • Ideal for transfer paper


  • It seems to have issues with the power on and off feature.
  • Working temperature is 5-35 degrees

Hommii Thermal Copier Machine Tattoo Stencils

This is a well-crafted device with a lightweight design and sturdy look. It is quite easy and convenient to use, and when it comes to transferring the lines and patterns, it does that with high efficiency.

Hommii Tattoo Machine


  • An indicator for when the device gets hot
  • No adjustment required
  • Highly efficient


  • The lines and patterns may not always come out strong.
  • TPH may overheat


Tattooing is an art form that is growing as an industry. Tattoo artists have to use the right tools so that they can perform their work with precision, accuracy, and comfort. The tattoo thermal copiers mentioned above are a few of the best in the market today. Depending on your tattoo technique, style, and needs, you can choose any of the listed tattoo thermal copiers.

You need to understand that buying any of these devices would come down to your preference and budget. A piece of friendly advice is to make sure what you’re getting comes with a warranty too. Some devices tend not to perform as they promised; in this case, you can make a claim.

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