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Is UV Glow in the Dark Tattoo Ink Safe? Everything You Need To Know

UV glow in the Dark Tattoo Ink

Perhaps you have a cool body ink design but you want to take it to the next level. Maybe you want that outline of skeleton bones on your arms, leg, or face, to really come to life.

UV tattoo ink offers you the opportunity to showcase your design in the dark, a terrifying yet stunning addition to your body ink that will be turning heads from across the room.

Despite the concerns of the UV tattoo ink, we are going to dispel the myths, talk about the benefits, and even showcase some of the more popular UV tattoo inks available.

What is UV Tattoo Ink?

UV tattoo ink is everything that you think it is and more. The ink contains a phosphorus element that will allow the ink and design to glow under black lights.

What this means is that your tattoo design will look great in the daylight, but when the lights go out, it takes on a completely different look that is stunning and compelling at the same time.

Benefits of UV Tattoo Ink

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the UV tattoo ink is that you are going to get two experiences for the price of one.

On the surface, the design looks like any other tattoo you see on those who love body ink, but when under that black light, the image takes on a spooky yet dazzling effect.

Whether angel wings on your back or the revelation of a skeletal system, the UV tattoo ink literally transforms the design and gives your two different experiences for the price of one.

Is UV Tattoo Ink Safe?

UV tattoo ink on chest

There are those who worry that the UV tattoo ink is dangerous and harmful to those getting inked. The same can be said for the millions of people who have gotten tattoos over the years with no repercussions.

Dating back decades, people were warned that getting body ink was dangerous and could lead to numerous deadly side effects.

Most issues that arose from getting tattoos were minor skin reactions to the ink with those who had sensitive skin.

The same today is being said about UV tattoo ink and neon inks. It comes down to those who have a reaction to ink, not this type specifically.

Whether UV tattoo ink, gold tattoo ink, white ink tattoos, it all has to do with your tolerance to the process.

Choosing the Best UV Tattoo Ink

To help choose the best tattoo starter kit, you should research your choices before making just any choice.

There are also a number of popular tattoo practice skins that can help you see your tattoo designs even before you put them permanent on your skin.

This can save you anguish and pain when you rush to get that tattoo design and then realize your body is not reacting in a positive way.

Before you get inked, test the ink, and be sure to choose a reputable source before doing any work on your design.

Top 5 UV Tattoo Inks

Now that you know what is UV tattoo ink and all the benefits, here are five selections that are both affordable and highly rated by those in the industry who are already blazing that path ahead of you.

1. Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink

Trusted source of tattoo ink now delivers UV colors.

Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink

Millennium Mom's Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink


  • Very smooth pigment flows easily.
  • Produces a vibrant design.
  • Longer lasting than most other UV inks.


  • Costly to buy all the colors as opposed to one color.

2. Skin Candy 8 Color UV Tattoo Ink Set

This set has just about every color UV tattoo ink that you could possibly need for that killer design.

Skin Candy 8 Color UV Black Light Tattoo Ink Set

Skin Candy 8 Color UV Black Light Tattoo Ink Set


  • Includes the most popular UV tattoo ink colors.
  • Manufactured by the leader in tattoo ink.
  • Produces vibrant color.


  • Only comes in 1/2 oz bottles.

3. Immortal Neon Invisible Tattoo Ink

The perfect tattoo ink to create that spooky UV images.

Immortal Neon Invisible Tattoo Ink

Immortal Neon Invisible Tattoo Ink


  • Comes in numerous neon colors.
  • Produces bold coloring.
  • Smooth application.


  • Only half ounce bottles

4. Moms Nuclear Neon Tattoo Ink

When it comes to Moms, you know you are getting the best in body ink.

Moms Nuclear Neon Tattoo Ink

Moms Nuclear Neon Tattoo Ink


  • Getting more value for the money.
  • Has a higher concentration of pigments.
  • Preferred ink by top tattoo artists.


  • Costly if needing only a few colors.

5. Moms 9 Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink Lot

Here is the true mother of all ink kits for those who want to take this to the next level.

Moms 9 Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink Lot

Moms 9 Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink Lot


  • Huge assortment of colors.
  • Vibrant mix of neon colors.
  • Goes on smooth and lasts longer.


  • Huge selection comes at a price.

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