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Tattoo Practice Skin – Tips and Benefits

It doesn’t matter if you are starting out in tattooing with best tattoo starter kit or a seasoned professional tattoo artist, you need to practice to improve your skills.

This is one of those skills where you simply can not hone your skills on other people’s skin, so utilizing the right tattoo practice skin is extremely important.

The world of tattooing has completely transformed in recent years, with artists creating more advanced and stunning works of art of different parts of the body.

To get the most of your work, working with tattoo practice skin will give you the confidence to go out and try that innovative look that will set you apart from other artists.

The Best Tattoo Practice Skin

Only a few years ago, tattoo artists had very limited choices when it came to practice skins. The majority were either made from rubber or plastic, providing very little in the way of a real life experience.

If you wished to perfect your craft, you would be hard pressed to get a high-quality image working on those materials.

Today artists have the ability to work on tattoo practice skin made of synthetic skin-like material or even leather.

Whether you are testing out your new tattoo machine frame of simply want to work on your line work, shading, or filling, this material has become the preferred choice for the tattoo artist.

High quality tattoo practice skin:

Yuelong 2015 High Quality Double Sides

Benefits of Tattoo Practice Skin

When you have access to practice materials that simulate the human skin perfectly, you do not have to hone your skills on yourself, your family, or your friends.

The material used in the practice skins responds better to the tattoo needle, allowing you to see exactly what the design will eventually look like on human skin.

The skin is placed on the arm or leg so that you can get a feel for the contours of the body as you practice.

The sheets come in a variety of sizes so you can practice on the entire surface before discarding.

Once you start getting better at your craft, you can also frame these skins and hang them on the wall to illustrate to new customers the extent of your skills.

Practice on both sides of these sheets:

Tattoo Practice Skins

How to Effectively Use Tattoo Practice Skin

In order to get the most out of your tattoo practice skin you need to understand how to use them the right way.

Follow these simple steps for using your practice sheets and getting as close to a realistic surface as possible:

  1. Begin by gathering your tattoo practice skin, thermal paper, and the image you want to make a tattoo of.
  2. Make a copy of the image using the thermal paper in a thermal copier.
  3. Carefully cut out the image from the thermal copy.
  4. Place the stencil on the tattoo practice skin.
  5. Now that the image is secure, begin to practice on the outline of the image on to the tattoo skin.
  6. Wipe away excess ink and keep the surface clean.
  7. Once the outline is drawn, practice shading the areas until you have the look you desire.

Perfect practice sheets for beginners:

Sheets of Tattoo Practice Skin

Improving Your Skills with Tattoo Practice Skin

Even the best professional tattoo artist is always learning new techniques and trying to broaden their skill set.

The tattoo practice skin is the ultimate tool for fine-tuning skills and well as creating pieces you can showcase to potential customers.

Designs today involve complex highlighting and shading that takes a long time to master.

These techniques are very challenging for a beginner, so the more they can practice on the life-like skins the better their work will become.

One thing you should consider is that different parts of the body do offer unique challenges to the artist.

Try to simulate the surface you will be working on by placing the skins on that body part or item that closely resembles it.

Life-like tattoo skin:

Tattoo Artist Practice Skin

Tattooing on the top of a foot, the middle of a chest, or the bicep, all feel and react different to the needle.

Make sure you practice on those surfaces with the tattoo practice skin so you better understand the complexities of moving the needle across those parts of the body.

Just like a professional painter or artist, you will never stop learning or practicing as you gain more experience.

Keep a pile of these skins handy so you can continue to push yourself to the limits of your creativity.

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