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9 Best Positivity Tattoos and their Meanings

People use tattoos for personal satisfaction, to endorse their ideas, and even to attract certain energies. As there are many kinds of tattoos that a person can opt for, positivity tattoos are among the most meaningful and most popular ones.

Tattoos that reflect positivity emit goodness and wellness. They attract positivity and peace in your life. Different cultures symbolize positivity with different images and patterns. However, certain positive tattoos are widely used and appreciated.

They merely appear as images but play a great role in how a person thinks and behaves. As the saying goes, ‘people attract what they think.’ Having a positivity tattoo radiates positivity within you and transfers it into your surroundings, making you feel energetic. Here are some major positivity tattoos and their meanings:

1. Sun Tattoo  

Sun means ‘rise and shine.’ Sunshine means happiness, as rainy days are widely symbolized as tough and tiring times. At the same time, sunny days and sunshine depict happiness and peace after a tiring experience.

If you get a Sun tattoo, it will keep reminding you that better days are ahead, and so much positivity will unfold in your life.

Sun Tattoo for men

2. Paper Crane Tattoo

The bird holds a meaningful identity in some cultures, which is why people call it the ‘bird of peace.’ According to some cultures, this bird brings good luck, and paper cranes symbolized peace and hope in Japan after the Second World War. As a tradition, people in Japan made paper cranes as a sign of positivity, peace, good luck, and prosperity.

Paper Crane Tattoo on both the hands for women

This paper crane carries the same meaning for tattoos as well. People who get paper cranes as a tattoo represent positivity, peace, and protection. If you want to attract good fortune and positivity, then a paper crane is a good option.

3. Cat Tattoo

Cats symbolize luck, grace, intelligence, and positive energy. Cats themselves are also intelligent and elegant creatures possessing very good luck. This you can judge by seeing that cats can do anything and still get away with it.

Cute Cat tattoo for women on wrist

This pet animal also symbolizes positivity and radiance through its life and also by being a tattoo. The good thing about this tattoo is combining it with many other options, such as flowers, the moon, and hands.

4. Ying Yang Tattoo

There is a symbol in Chinese philosophy known as the Ying Yang symbol. It depicts duality and the idea of a balanced life. Mainly, it represents that forces that contradict each other simultaneously depend on each other.

Let us take the example of day and night here. They are opposite to each other but are still dependent on one another and have also co-existed since the beginning. This tattoo basically shows light in every darkness and darkness in every light.

Ying Yang Tattoo for women on finger

People who want to achieve a balance in their life can get this tattoo to remind themselves of their goals.

5. Lotus Tattoo

Lotus is a flower that depicts positivity through its existence because of the conditions that it grows in, where any other flower would die. The lotus is a widely-used symbol that shows positivity and peace of mind.

Different cultures resonate lotus with different meanings, but it all comes down to positivity. For example, Egyptian culture refers lotus to as the origination of life and rebirth. Hinduism symbolizes purity and divinity. Chinese culture embodies it with feminism, marital bliss, and so on.

Cute Lotus Tattoo for women

If you want to represent positivity, purity, and peace with a lotus, then you can also sum up with other designs.

6. Diamond Tattoo

A diamond resembles power, purity, and strength. Diamonds are basically indestructible, and considering this fact, this tattoo depicts a person’s resilience and strength to endure hardships. Diamonds, in this way, symbolize positivity as they show power, beauty, and wealth.

Classy Diamond Tattoo for men

7. Om Tattoo

Om tattoo might appear very small, but it depicts a big meaning. Om is the sum of all sounds and the universe’s first sound. It belongs to Hinduism, but due to its connection with peace and positivity, it is a widely accepted symbol.

Om Tattoo for men on hand

This tattoo depicts the oneness of the universe, understanding of life, and divine motion. This delicate symbol represents positivity and spirituality for philosophical people.

8. Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolons are symbols used in grammar that depicts that the writer may have ended the sentence, but they chose not to. It refers to the idea that there is still something left. The story isn’t finished yet.

Semicolon Tattoo on hand

A semicolon tattoo represents positivity because the person having it believes in the good fortune to come. They hope for good things to unfold, which means attracting positivity.

9. Moon Tattoo

A crescent moon represents motherhood, fertility, creativity, manifestation, and growth. Many people get a crescent tattoo to depict their hope for a new phase in life.

Moon Tattoo on shoulder for girl

Some people use it for merely beauty and elegance. However, it is mainly used for attracting positivity, good fortune, and growth in life. This tattoo is a treat for moon lovers, as they can get it on their hand, arm, leg, ankle, neck, or back of the ear.

Bottom Line

You get what you think; rightly so, a person attracts the energy they think about. When you give positive energy, you are bound to receive the same. In the same manner, the kind of tattoo that you get also mirrors your behavior and thought process.

Positivity tattoos radiate positive energy and thoughts of wellness and good fortune from within. They also depict your ideologies and beliefs and how you impact your surroundings.

It is important to choose a tattoo with a powerful and positive meaning so that it impacts your life and body with the same aura.

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