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Cowgirl Tattoos Meaning & Design Ideas To Ink Your Yourself

The Wild West period is a cornerstone of American culture. The guns, horses, and clothes of the time make for an oddly nostalgic look. Therefore, these central symbols from the Wild West make for popular tattoo designs.

Many tattoo enthusiasts take inspiration from olden times, which adds value and meaning to the ink designs. It also gives you more room for creativity. You can take an old tattoo design and make it your own by adding personal touches to it.

super cool cowgirl tattoo

If you are looking for a design idea that relates to the Wild West period in any way, cowboy and cowgirl tattoos are a great choice. In this post, we will discuss cowgirl tattoo designs, what it means, different ideas, and correct placement.

The Cowgirl Tattoo Design

The cowgirl tattoo design is a great choice for people looking to ink their bodies in tattoos featuring women and pinups. Most people prefer this tattoo design to be done in a traditional style to keep it old-school.

Like the cowboy symbol, the cowgirl is a symbol of the old west. The tattoo style was most popular during that time, around the turn of the last century of rural America. While American culture does not highlight women’s history as much as men’s, they were still important.

The cowgirl tattoo is a classic tattoo design that features young, beautiful women. It typically shows a young and attractive woman wearing a cowboy hat and handkerchief. Some tattoos also feature a horse.

cowgirl tattoo on chest for man

 A lot of people prefer this tattoo design as a way to recall the Wild West time of adventure and freedom. The cowgirl tattoo is a great choice for tattoo enthusiasts who want to pay tribute to the old days.

However, the cowgirl image can also serve as a pinup image for many individuals. The stylish women are also often an American sex symbol. So you might find some cowgirl tattoos to feature stylish hats on ringlet curls and short buckskin skirts.

Cowgirl Tattoo Ideas

Whatever image you choose, there are so many you can work it in to come forth with a tattoo that pleases you. The cowgirl tattoo design is no exception. Tattoos are a form of self-expression that helps you convey a message or reflect your personality. So whatever compels you to get a cowgirl tattoo, don’t forget to make it unique and personal. Here are a few ideas to help you get inked in a beautiful cowgirl tattoo.

Black-Work Cowgirl Tattoo

Black-work tattoos are a form of pop body art that features bold designs. These incorporate solid working of the image with pitch-black ink staying true to its name. A black-work tattoo usually contains geometric shapes and abstract patterns as per pop culture. If not, it features portraits of famous characters or film actors.

While it is hard to incorporate geometric shapes and patterns in a cowgirl tattoo design, it is not impossible. For example, you can work a beautiful cowgirl photo in a black-work tattoo even without obvious geometric and abstract shapes.

Fine black ink work of cowgirl tattoo

Along with black-work and black and grey tattoos, black and white tattoos do not fade easily. It is why reason most tattoo enthusiasts are drifting towards this style. Many individuals also believe that black-work tattoos are much more sustainable than others. On the other hand, some think the design becomes awkward after a while.

Movie-Inspired Cowgirl Tattoo

The cowgirl image represents beautiful young women from romance movies, so it is not a bad idea to go for a movie-inspired cowgirl tattoo. Often, people have different reasons for getting the same tattoo. If you are looking to get inked in a cowgirl image featuring a pinup girl, then this is a great choice for you.

You can instruct your tattoo artist to ink you a tattoo that looks like a portrait or scene from a movie. Such a cowgirl tattoo should drift more towards vintage and old-school vibes, while modern-day cowgirl tattoos look fantastic too.

Classy cowgirl tattoo

Some individuals opt for movie-inspired tattoos to pay tribute to their favorite movies or characters. This suggests that you ask your body artist to mimic a cowgirl scene from your favorite movie to keep the memories alive. Movie-inspired cowgirl tattoos are usually larger, featuring a full portrait from the cowboy hat to the cowboy shoes.

Determine the Placement of Your Cowgirl Tattoo

After deciding the kind of tattoo you want, it is time to decide on the general outlining, shape, and size. Even a rough image in your mind helps you determine the correct placement for your cowgirl tattoo. Here are a few things to consider:

  •  Size of the Design

The tattoo’s placement depends largely on the size of your tattoo design. If you want a larger tattoo, you will have fewer placement options. On the other hand, smaller tattoos offer more placement options but less room for detailing. If you want a large cowgirl tattoo, you might want to go for areas such as your back, thigh, or arm. A smaller tattoo works well on the wrist, side of the neck, or forearm.

Cowgirl tattoo for women in leg
  • Visibility of the Tattoo

Make sure you consider how visible you want your tattoo to be to other people. Do you want to show it off at all times? Or would you like to cover it up at your workplace or in formal situations? While people are becoming more accepting of tattoos, you should still consider their visibility. If you want your cowgirl tattoo to be more personal, consider inconspicuous areas such as the upper thighs, hips, back, or ribcage.

Bottom Line

The cowgirl image makes for beautiful old-school and traditional tattoos. It is also a unique choice for individuals looking to add a pinup to their bodies. While you can get a cowgirl tattoo in any style and design you wish, black-work and movie-inspired styles look best.

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