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Tattoo Meanings And Ideas

The Meaning Behind Light Bulb Tattoo

The light bulb is regarded as a symbol of representing an idea. It has been around with the same meaning. From movies to cartoons to emoji’s, a light bulb is not something most of us are unfamiliar with but is associated with having a creative idea.  If your brain is giving you flashbacks of Tom […]

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The Meaning Behind Skeleton Tattoo

Tattoos are a popular way to give voice to your opinions without saying a word. People wear tattoos on the most visible parts of their bodies so that everyone who sees their tattoos can understand their beliefs and thoughts. Almost every tattoo enthusiast chooses tattoos according to their beliefs and interest. There are only a […]

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The Meaning Behind Blood Tattoo

Tattoos are a thing; they’ve been one since they were discovered on Otzi the Iceman’s body between 3100BC -3370BC. People worldwide are fond of tattooing their skin, whether it’s their arm, their neck, their leg, or sometimes even their face. It’s not just goths who are into tattoos, and each one could symbolize something different […]

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The Meaning Behind One Eye Tattoo

A tattoo is a popular art form since ancient times. Back in the days, people usually used tattoos to protect themselves from evil powers or to make their God happy. People from the old age had a strong belief in the power of tattoos. And to show their belief, they wore different types of tattoos […]

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Cigarette Smoking Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos are a form of art that gives you a way of self-expression. You can advocate some issues, deal with your problems, or just give opinions on any topic without saying a single word. They also offer you to tell your own story to people around you in a different and classy way. As the […]

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The Meaning Behind Lips Tattoo

In the popular industry of tattoos, one of the most common designs often sought after by the public in masses is the all famous ‘lips tattoo.’ Whether you’re all in for the Rolling Stones fandom or are just casually inspired by Taylor Swift’s ‘red lip classic,’ this design has been in demand for a long […]

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Find Out What The Swallow Tattoo Means

Tattoos are a unique way to express your identity. Nowadays, it is quite common to see someone with a tattoo, and mostly everyone has something different. This is because there are multiple designs, shapes, quotes, and phrases from which people can choose. Tattoos have evolved over the years; at first, someone with a tattoo was […]

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