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24 Angel Wings Tattoos And Their Deep Spiritual Connection


Looking for a beautiful way to express your love for someone or your own freedom? The angel wings tattoo design is the perfect choice for those who are looking for some way to connect with a loved one who has passed or with someone that they feel is out there somewhere waiting.

For others, the angel wings tattoo provide the wearer the ability to remind themselves that they have exactly what it takes to overcome obstacles, fears, and anything the world is throwing your way. These tattoos can vary in size, design, color, and each has a very unique meaning to each wearer.

The Style of the Angel Wings

The angel wings tattoo can either be drawn alone or placed on other creatures to enhance the meaning. For example, inking the wings on a family pet can remind that person that their loved one has traveled to a better place.

The angel wings can also be depicted on insects, birds, or any animal this person has a deep affinity for. Due to the divine connection to the angel wings, simply having them added to anything you feel a spiritual connection to changes everything.

The wings can be attached to names too, signifying a loss of a parent, friends, or even a child. The possibilities are really limitless when it comes to attaching the angel wings to something in your life.

The Angel Wings Meanings

The reason the angel wings tattoo is so popular today with many tattoo artists is because they can really get quite creative with the design. These are not your standard tattoo design here, you can make them as big or small as you’d like, from the tiny wings on a baby’s name to full back wings that represent the power to rise above it all.

In addition to the tattoo design representing the loss of a loved one, it can also signify an affinity for nature. Perhaps you lost someone to breast cancer, or you want to have a deeper connection to your own spirit, the angel wings tattoo can make it easy to portray those feelings. The angel is most certainly connected with all that is good, a warrior who fights for the best in life and rises above that is evil.

The Angel of Death

Speaking of all that is evil, there is also a dark side to the angel wings tattoo that appeals to a global audience too. In this example, the angel wings tattoo can be a representation of death, the connection to the dark side, or the falling out of favor with everything that has to do with the world we live.

The dark side of this tattoo can be quite appealing to draw in ink, from the devil himself to his winged minions who scour the earth in search of new souls to take. These fallen angels have qualities that may on the surface appear to be evil, but in fact can be quite the opposite.

The angel wings tattoo on the dark side can be an example of not willing to simply follow the sheep in this world, not willing to be a puppet, or not simply getting in line with religious beliefs because the world says it is right or wrong. The angel wings are a connection to love, whether is the love of good or love of evil, it is still a strong love.

The Changing Personality

For many who have had to overcome severe obstacles in their life, the angel wings tattoo represent a metamorphosis. These people have had to suffer through an abusive relationship, through the death of a loved one, or through a powerful addiction.

To remind themselves of the struggle and the ability to rise above it and come out on the other side, the angel wings tattoo helps remind them where they once were and how far they have come. This symbol also has to do with freedom, whether breaking free from a drinking addiction or letting go of that bad relationship. Each time they see their tattoo, they are reminded how strong they had to be when it mattered the most.

Today you will find that there can be several variations to the angel wings tattoo for different reasons. Whether placed on the ankle with a halo to represent a lost one or on the back with a cross in the middle, they can also remind a person that their guardian angel is always that close and watching over everything that they do.

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