Painless Tattoos With Tattoo Numbing Cream?

Most tattoo artists do not associate pain with getting tattoos, they feel the pain is part of the overall experience in getting inked up.

One only need look online however to see that a growing number of people looking to get tattoos are interested in a less painful experience.

This is the biggest reason why so many people back out of getting the tattoo in the first place.

The tattoo numbing cream is a unique alternative to dealing with severe pain but still getting that amazing art permanently printed on your skin.

How Does the Tattoo Numbing Cream Work?

 While different numbing creams work differently dependent on the ingredients, you can narrow down the list of ingredients to three different categories.


1. The Nerve Deadeners
Ingredients like lidocaine deaden the nerve endings in the skin temporarily. The solution will rarely sink below the skin, so while it will provide some relief from the needle, it is not going to be 100% effective.


2. The Nerve Blockers
Ingredients like benzocaine and tetracaine are chemicals that will take away the brunt of the pain associated with getting a tattoo.


These nerve blockers are ph-neutral and when combined with nerve deadeners, will provide be more effective. Used to deaden the skin when applying permanent eyeliners, this solution is quite effective at taking off the edge when getting a new tattoo.


3. The Vasoconstrictors
The most powerful of all the tattoo numbing cream available on the market is the vasoconstrictors. They include epinephrine, which cause your blood vessels to constrict and reduce any bleeding.


By slowing down absorption, the numbing effect will last much longer. This particular solution cuts down on swelling in addition to bleeding.

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Properly Using Tattoo Numbing Cream

While this process can be a little trial-and-error at first, understand it will work differently on every person and it will be a constant learning process. The best way to use the tattoo numbing cream is to follow these simple steps.

1. Choose the right set-up because each tattoo numbing cream works different for each tattoo.


If the tattoo is quite involved and will take several hours, using a tattoo numbing cream without epinephrine will wear off and they will be in for a world of hurt before the artwork has been completed.


The right cream for the right tattoo will make the experience more enjoyable.


2. Be sure that you properly prepare the skin before applying any tattoo numbing cream.


To effectively remove any dead skin first, use a green soap or a numbing wash. Once the skin is properly cleaned, the tattoo numbing cream will be more effective.


3. When you apply a pre-deadener, you have to wait before moving to the next step.


While it is ideal for the customer to apply their own deadener at home so when they arrive at the shop the session can begin, if you have to apply it yourself then the client must be willing to wait up to a half hour before it begins taking effect.


4. Before you can start work on the tattoo with black or white ink, all the pre-deadener must be washed off the surface of the skin. Once that area is numb, wash off the cream because it does not need to be present on the skin surface now in order for the numbing to continue.


Some customers experience irritation when broken skin and the creams come in contact, so clean the skin thoroughly before working.


5. During the tattoo session, if you must apply a solution to help with discomfort, purchase a vasoconstrictor and spray once every 30 minutes.


The solution needs to be broken-skin approved to help with the pain associated from the needles.

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While many tattoo artists refuse to use tattoo numbing cream because they feel it does not work or the pain is simply a rite of passage, customers do have the right to apply the creams or sprays before they get to the tattoo shop.

Most people who either give or get tattoos simply believe that the pain is part of the process for getting inked.

People with low pain tolerance levels, however, can not simply chalk off the experience to a right of passage and need help getting their tattoos. The tattoo is not less important to them, they simply are unable to tolerate pain.

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