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Disposable Tattoo Tubes – Everything You Need To Know

Whether you are an established tattoo artist or you are just getting started with tattoo starter kit, it can be challenging choosing one of several options that could affect your craft.

The topic of disposable tattoo tubes is one that experienced artists have their own feelings about, and while there are benefits to the autoclavable tubes, many simply prefer the disposable type for a variety of reasons.

Choosing wisely here will save you money without having to sacrifice any quality.

Pros of Using Disposable Tattoo Tubes

Understanding all the benefits to the disposable tattoo tubes will allow you to step back and make a better-informed decision as to which option is best for your shop.

Ease of Use

The biggest benefit to the disposable tattoo tubes is they come all packed neatly in one unit. The grip, the tip, and the tube, are already provided in an easy to handle unit, compared to the autoclavable, where all these pieces are sold separately.

Buying one easy to use unit ensures that all the components will work perfectly together, you simply can not make a mistake and get the wrong piece.

Buying one unit also is a cheaper option to buying individual pieces.

Bulk Disposable Tubes:

Assorted Disposable Tube

The Safety Factor

When you use disposable tattoo tubes, you simply create the tattoo and then throw away the pieces.

You will not be using the tips and tubes on another customer, so there is no cleaning and no risk of the pieces coming in contact with a virus that can be spread to another.

On most tattoos you will need one disposable unit, although keeping a few extra on hand is always a good practice.

Consider Your Costs

The cost of the disposable tattoo tubes has come down in price over the years, as low as fifty cents per tube.

If you are throwing away your pieces after each tattoo, it is important that you keep the cost per item at a minimum.

While the autoclavable tubes are reusable, they are much more expensive at first. If you are starting out, watching every penny is the best way to ensure your shop will be in business this time next year.

Highly Rated Disposable Tubes:

Sterilized Assorted Tubes

The Custom Feel

Since there are a tremendous amount of disposable tattoo tubes available, you should not have any trouble finding one that fits your hand.

If you are not completely comfortable with the grip, cohesive tape can quickly remedy the issue.

Even though you are not using the units multiple times, once you get a feel for a particular set of tubes, modifying them will be simple and take no time at all.

Deciding for Yourself

While the choice between disposable and autoclavable is a personal choice, you can now see all the benefits to choosing the disposable variety.

Consider the price, the feel, the ease of use, and safety before picking one over the other and it will become clear which is the better choice.

Many tattoo artists who have sworn by the autoclavable units are not stocking disposable units on hand because they are coming around to all the benefits.

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