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9 Justin Bieber Tattoos To Flaunt & Their Symbolic Meaning

We often get inspired by different people who enjoy worldwide popularity, such as sportspeople, movie stars, and singers. It’s natural to copy your favorite singer, want to know about their life, interests, attributes, and achievements. When it comes to modern-day singers, many people love, idolize, and admire Justin Bieber. Are you one of them? Besides his singing, many love him for his tattoos.

The best thing is that you can express your passion and personality attributes through tattoos. However, tattoos are great artwork that enhances your individuality. So let’s get into Justin Bieber’s most popular tattoos to see which inspires you the most. 

Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

Justin Bieber is a well-known Canadian singer and songwriter. Bieber is also a tattoo freak and wears tattoos from the age of 21. He has tattooed his body with many designs. His skin is overall covered with tattoos. What’s more, he has more than 50 markings over his body. His tattoo design range comprises animals, religious symbols, banners, birds, stars, and other expressions.

Justin Bieber tattoo

Ideal Placements for Justin Bieber tattoo

You can place tattoos anywhere on the body as per your desire. Justin Bieber has tattooed his whole body with tattoos. So, you have multiple options and varieties when it comes to Bieber tattoo ideas. For every part of the body, you can find tattoos of all sizes, designs, and shapes. Justin Bieber has most tattoos on the biceps, arms, wrist, leg, ribcage, collarbone, and other parts. You can choose any tattoo idea that matches your attributes. 

List of Justin Bieber Tattoos with Meaning

Let’s scroll through Justin Bieber’s collection of tattoos to help you find the best one for you.

1. Two angels defeating evil tattoo

Two angels fighting with evil tattoo ensures the safety and how good always win. The novel and bold tattoo design indicate guard. The two angels defeating evil tattoo is the guardian angel tattoo that represents positive imagery. It symbolizes a man of religion and worship. The tattoo portrays the loving memory of a lost friend. Some individuals get a guardian angel to overcome evil by his sword after going through a near-death experience. The heavenly spirit expresses patron saints.

Justin Bieber angel wings tattoo

2. Forgive tattoo design

Justin Bieber’s Forgive tattoo is simple and does not involve any intricate design. The Forgive tattoo is just a banner of Forgive on his right ribcage in a tiny font. The tattoo is symbolic of the fear of GOD. It indicates that the wearer is ashamed of his deeds and fears GOD. The tattoo is just for you if you love the simplicity and can own it, though. Additionally, you can have other words tattooed as per your personality traits.

Justin Bieber forgive tattoo

3. Chinese Ink tattoo design

The tattoo on Justin Bieber’s left hand is tiny and based on the Chinese character, which means “follow the heart.” The tattoo, however, symbolizes weakness and incompetency. Through this tattoo, you can portray if you are less competitive to face the hardships of your life. Not only this, but you can also get some other Chinese characters tattooed with specific meanings matching your characteristics. 

Justin Bieber Chinese tattoo on hand

4. Proud Lion tattoo design

The proud lion tattoo is the best representation of fearlessness and ferociousness. The tattoo on the left arm comprising fierce-looking lion and some flowers combination is an excellent work of art. Try out the proud lion tattoo to portray your determination and fearlessness. The freedom and expression of loneliness express its strength. So, you can symbolize it with your personality if you own the same characteristics.

Justin Bieber lion tattoo on chest

5. “Chi” symbol

Justin Bieber has got the “X” Greek Christ symbol tattooed on his arm. The tattoo with the “Chi” symbol and an owl nearby looks adequate and novel. It, however, represents traditional Chi culture. The “chi” symbol tattoo symbolizes circulating life energy in Chinese philosophy. It also portrays the balance between negative and positive forces in the body considered essential for good health.

Justin Bieber chi tattoo on forearm

6. Compass tattoo 

Justin Bieber’s compass tattoo with huge complex design and incorporation is unique in its representation. The enormous black and white tattoo is inked with high-quality colors. The tattoo on his left bicep indicates a near-complete sleeve design.

Justin Bieber compass Tattoo on hand

The compass tattoo is the choice of many individuals from different cultures. The ocean symbol indicates guardians and safety. Many people believe that getting a compass tattoo on the body means it would guard you against complex life difficulties and ensure protection from all the hurdles. 

7. Hockey Tattoo

The Hockey tattoo on Justin Bieber’s shoulder with the image is a tribute to his late grandfather. He has achieved some inspiration from the Canadian Hockey team. He used to watch Hockey with his grandfather. So, he got the tattoo inked as permanent. The hockey tattoo symbolizes masculine strength, power, agility, stamina, and speed. The hockey tattoo immortalizes the aspect of this tattoo in motion. If you want to express your passion with this symbol, it is the best option for you.

Justin Bieber Hockey tattoo at back
Justin Bieber Instagram picture

8. The American eagle 

The American eagle tattoo on the front body part covering the abdomen and chest is a fierce-looking tattoo with a black and white tattoo. The eagle, showing his strength and power, seems to be taking a freedom flight anonymously. The tattoo represents audacity, endurance, courage, and intense focus. The eagle tattoo is symbolic of aspiration and high dreams. In some cultures, eagle tattoo has an association with beauty, piousness, and powerful brute force.

Justin Bieber American eagle tattoo on stomach

9. Tiger tattoo

Justin Bieber got the tattoo inked with barbaric-looking black and white tiger with its teeth showing fierceness. The tiger inked on the left bicep is symbolic of savagery, ferocity, strength, and brute force. Tiger tattoo also indicates counter blow as rationing and cunning as his natural characteristics. Some obits aspects portray passion, high intensity, and sensuality. You can wear this tattoo if your personality has some features linked to strength and sensuality.

Justin Bieber Tiger Tattoo on hand


The ever-growing collection of Justin Bieber’s tattoos gives you the freedom of choice. The list of his most famous tattoos above will help you select a unique tattoo. So make sure to choose the one that suits your personality the best. 

All designs are eye-catching, and it may be challenging to select one. Still, the meaning and explanation will take you out of this hurdle. So, rush to get your most favorite tattoo onto your body. 

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