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28 Compass Tattoos With The Maritime Meanings


Make no mistake about it, if you are looking for a tattoo design that is globally recognized in the majority of cultures for centuries, you can not go wrong with the simple compass tattoos.

Sailors who traveled the seas centuries ago would get the simple compass tattoos to make sure that they would arrive back at port safely and to protect them while traveling the rough waters of the unknown.

What started hundreds of years ago as a simple superstition has taken on a life of its own in today’s society as the compass is one of the more popular tattoo designs.

Today the compass is symbolic of being grounded, knowing which direction to travel, and having the ability to focus on moving forward regardless the troubles surrounding the wearer.

The History of the Compass Tattoo

The main reason the sailors of the seas of yesteryear choose the simple compass tattoos was to protect themselves. These sailors believed that the compass symbolized good fortune, so many times they were also painted on the ships themselves to protect the vessel and all the men aboard who were about to take those dangerous journeys.

When men were still navigating uncharted waters, it was not uncommon in those times for sailors to simply disappear without a trace while at sea. The simple compass painted on the boats and as tattoos represented a beacon of hope, a symbol that would guide these men out of the treacherous waters safely.

Simple Compass Variations

Although the simple compass tattoos can be quite basic in design, many wearers have come up with some creative ways to really make the design their own. Some choose to ink their bodies with the 4 points having flowers throughout to symbolize being grounded with nature.

Others only draw in the north direction, symbolic of the direction to the North Star, a way to travel in the right direction regardless where in the world you may be. Regardless the points, arrows, or symbols within the compass, these designs are symbolic of direction, finding your way home, and guidance. Many people in the Navy today choose the compass to represent their time served.

Compass Tattoo Meanings Today

Today, because of the fact many tattoo artists bring their amazing creative skills to the table, body ink lovers are making use of simple compass tattoos is very dynamic ways. Time and the compass have been linked together for centuries, inking a clock or hourglass within the compass itself symbolize the following of ones dreams, goals, or the love of life.

The compass has always helped to guide sailors and determine their location at any time, this is something that appeals to many tattoo lovers. The tattoo represents for them the ability to be guided through challenges and difficulties that they face in their lives each day.

The simple compass tattoos represent the idea of following one’s dreams. This simple yet creative design is symbolic of staying the course in life and to never giving up no matter how challenging things may seem. The compass tattoo will guide you where you eventually need to be.

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