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Tattoo Power Supply – 6 Tips on How to Choose The Best One

Tattoo artists take extreme pride in the work that they do, and to be able to create that artwork at the highest quality they are constantly looking to purchase the best possible equipment available.

Although the right tattoo machine is important just like tattoo needles and transfer paper, the right tattoo power supply is extremely important for keeping that unit running at a peak state.

Before grabbing one on sale, consider these six tips on how to choose the right tattoo power supply.

1. The Power Supply Voltage

It is important to understand that power supplies come in a huge variety of voltage range outputs

While some of these tattoo power supply devices run as low as three volts, there are many that are capable of producing up to fifteen volts.

Portable power supplies are capable of running as low as 1 volt where the largest units can easily handle 15 volts. To better understand the voltage, in simple terms the higher that voltage number the more power you can expect to get from the unit.

2. Power Supply Types

In addition to the voltage being different, on the market today you will find digital and analog tattoo power supply units that are in unregulated and regulated models.

Choosing the right type is dependent on your confidence level, basically how well you can create your artwork and how much you can afford.

The digital readout is more accurate and much easier for you to read while you are working, but they come with a higher price tag.

The regulated type tattoo power supply are costly too but they do provide you with constant voltage even if the machine is not in use.

Consider this incredible priced power supply:

power supply

3. Power Supply Fluctuations

If you have been working in this industry for some time, you are already aware that you will need to apply different amounts of pressure throughout the job to give the desired look.

The power supplied by the power supply will fluctuate depending on that pressure as the tattoo needles pierce the skin.

The regulated power supply will compensate for those fluctuations, whereas less expensive units will not.

Consider this if you are expanding your skills or plan to be working in this industry for many years to come.

4. Knowing Your Tattoo Machine

One of the things that you have to consider when buying a tattoo power supply is your existing machine.

Some of the newer style tattoo power supplies are only recommended for use with a coil operated machine, whereas other supplies can only be used for a rotary tattoo machine.

Either choose the power supply that matches your machine or look for a universal one that can be used on both in the event you change your tattoo machine in the future.

Highly rated tattoo supply:

HR tattoo power

5. Number of Tattoo Machines

One of the biggest considerations when choosing a tattoo power supply is how many existing machines that you will have in your shop.

The more machines you can hook up to one power supply the better for a number of reasons. Many seasoned tattoo artists prefer to have one machine set up for lining while another machine is at the ready for shading.

The best type power supply will allow you to plug multiple devices in at the same time, then simply flip a switch to move the power between them.

This added convenience will allow you to purchase only one power supply for your machines.

6. Weight, Size, Portability

Carefully consider where you will be doing your work in relation to the size and the weight of the tattoo power supply.

They now make power supplies that are compact for those artists who travel and give tattoos outside the shop. These traveling artists need compact power supplies that do not compromise power.

If you will be doing most of your work away from your shop, consider a supply that is lighter in weight but still contains enough power to handle your workload.

Dual Tattoo power supply:

Tattoo Power Supply LCD Display

Although these six tips on choosing the right tattoo power supply are helpful, your budget will also affect the type unit you purchase as well. Some inexpensive units run as low as $40 or as costly as $400 and higher.

Carefully consider the six tips first, then find a machine that falls into the price range you can afford. If you find several machines that meet all your needs as posted above, then start eliminating them based on price.

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