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Rotary Tattoo Kits – Pros and Cons

Although the tattoo machine has evolved significantly since its inception back a century ago, one type continues to be the standard in this industry for all levels of tattoo artists.

The rotary tattoo kits provide artists of all levels a quality tool in which they can showcase their craft in a professional manner.

These type machines are among the quietest in the industry, providing a gentle experience for the customer that is less painful than the coil tattoo machines.

Consider some of these benefits to choosing the rotary tattoo kits over the coil counterpart if you are on the fence about choosing one over the other.

How Rotary Machines Work

While any tattoo machine is designed to basically insert black or white tattoo ink beneath the surface of your skin, there are many advantages to choosing the rotary style over the coil counterpart.

For one thing, the rotary style tattoo machine has the tattoo needle bar attached to a nub that is on top of a cylindrical motor spinning clockwise, allowing the needle to move back and forth in a more linear fashion.

This allows the needles to be inserted quickly into the skin or tattoo practice skin and removed more smoothly.

By moving the needles in a constant fluid motion, it is less painful for the customer.

Highly Rated Rotary Tattoo Kits:

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Benefits of the Rotary Tattoo Kits

The biggest difference between the rotary and coil tattoo machines are the way ink is inserted into the skin.

The process by which the rotary machine works is far less complicated, making the session much more enjoyable for your client.

The coil machines make use of a complicated electromagnetic current that creates a break in the circuit, pushing the needle in with the current and releasing when circuit is broken.

The power forces those needles into the skin, while the spring on the coil systems pulls the needle back to the original position.

Artists find the rotary machines give them the better chance to create a smooth image because of the less disturbance in the application of the ink.

Affordable and professional Rotary Kits:

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Better Customer Experience

Think about the process in which the rotary tattoo machine operates. The needle moves in and out smoothly and continuously, allowing the artist to work more steadily, and for the customer to feel the same pressure throughout.

With the coil system, the needles are driven into the skin in a more forceful manner, and this hammer-like process can disrupt the steady hand of the artist and be uncomfortable for a client.

The rotary machines by design are more quiet, due to the constant fluid pushing of the needles.

This gentler experience will also result in the area healing faster and less scarring as a result.

Great Beginner Rotary Tattoo Kit:

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Pros of the Rotary Tattoo Kits

By comparing the rotary tattoo machine side-by-side to the coil machines you can get a better understanding why one kit is preferred over another.

If you were to ask a professional tattoo artist what they like best about the rotary tattoo kits, they would probably give you these six benefits:

  1. The rotary tattoo machines are quieter than any other tattoo machine on the market.
  2. These machines are less damaging towards the skin, resulting in little if any scarring.
  3. The rotary tattoo machine is basically low maintenance.
  4. Regardless of your level of skill as a tattoo artist, the rotary machine is easy to use.
  5. The consistent and fast needle movement is ideal for color and filling work.
  6. The rotary tattoo kits have smaller needle groupings and will yield the better results.

Here are four reasons why tattoo artists do not prefer the coil tattoo machines:

  1. The coil tattoo machine produces a very loud buzzing sound that can be distracting to hear all day long.
  2. Using the coil machines require a much higher degree of skill level, requiring significant use to operate this device with finesse.
  3. The punching of the needles in the skin will result in more damage and scarring to the customer.
  4. Because of all the moving parts on this machine, it requires a higher level of maintenance to ensure it runs properly.

For all these reasons it is easy to see why the rotary tattoo kits are the popular choice for both the novice and the professional tattoo artists.

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