Tattoo Arm Rest – What To Look For When Buying One

One of the things you must consider as a tattoo artist is making the customer as comfortable as possible.

While you might be prepared in many areas to make this a pleasurable experience, if the customers arm is not positioned properly on high-quality equipment, their arm could become uncomfortable during the long drawing session.

The best way to ensure they experience as little discomfort as possible while providing them a secure place to comfortably rest their arm is purchasing the right tattoo arm rest.

Benefits of Better Quality Equipment

Many tattoo artists are looking to concern funds early in the game to be able to get the business off the ground. Purchasing a low-quality tattoo arm rest could cost you more money than you might realize.

 The first problem is the rest is uncomfortable, so the person has trouble relaxing their arm, and that movement could affect the quality of the artwork when complete.


Lesser grade material can and will break down much more frequently, requiring you to purchase all new equipment to replace the broken pieces.


Tripod legs made from shoddy materials will in fact break from constant use, usually right in the middle of one of your jobs.

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What to Look for in a Tattoo Rest

One of the most important features of the tattoo arm rest is the adjustable arm rest. People of all sizes and weights will be sitting at the chair, and the arm rest needs to easily accommodate their size so you can get down to work.

The high-quality arm rests have adjustable features that will easily cradle just about every size arm.


The ergonomic design of the arm rest will also allow you to adjust the work area to any angle too, allowing you to handle just about every type of tattoo work.

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Specific Features of Top Quality Tattoo Arm Rests

When purchasing new arm rests, you need to be certain your equipment has certain features so you get the biggest value for your money. Be sure that the rest has a telescopic height adjustment that can raise from two feet to four feet.

The device should have the ability to pivot from front to back to handle any type work. The steel base must be made of steel so that it will provide you years of use without fear of it breaking during a session.


The best arm rests are ideal for any size arm, as well as wrists, legs, feet, legs, and shoulders. Having an ergonomic design will ensure every person is as comfortable as possible.

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Now that you understand the features of the tattoo arm rest you should consider before spending your money, you are in the best position to get a high-quality piece for your shop.

Additionally, consider a leather cover for easy cleaning, a clutch lock to secure the height adjustments, and rubber feet on the tripod legs to avoid sliding on the floor.

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