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What are Tattoo Ointments and Why Should You Be Using Them? 

Your tattoo is an investment that will be with you a lifetime, so it makes sense to start caring for that investment now so it looks as amazing in your later years.

The best way to ensure that your tattoo can withstand years of abuse is applying tattoo ointment right out of the gate.

Let’s talk about what are tattoo ointments and why you should be using them.

What are Tattoo Ointments?

The tattoo ointment is similar to those facial and body creams that are utilized to keep the skin moist and helping it retain its youthful glow.

With tattoo ointment, it is applied directly to the tattoo area to help reduce fading of the colors or details of the ink.

Keeping that tattoo looking like you just walked out of the ink shop requires constant care, and tattoo ointment will help keep it looking its best.

Benefits of Tattoo Ointment for Tattoo Care and Tattoo Aftercare

It is imperative you are using the tattoo ointment as early as possible to help protect it from sun damage. Even after the tattoo has completely healed, the sun’s rays can start causing it to fade and weather.

The tattoo ointment will not only moisturize the skin to keep it soft, it even comes with a natural sunscreen that will provide a broad spectrum of sun protection.

These ointments are fragrance-free and contain antioxidants that are perfect for sensitive skin.

Choosing the Best Tattoo Ointment for Your Needs and Skin

It’s important to choose the right tattoo ointment for your skin, especially if you burn easily in the sun.

Some of these tattoo numbing creams have a high SPF rating to maximize protection from fading while keeping the lines of the design crisp.

Don’t assume all ointments are the same, some folks have pale skin, freckled spots, or darker skin, and you need protection just like sunscreen that will reduce the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays

Top Three Tattoo Ointments You Should be Using

1. Ora’s Natural Tattoo Aftercare

This tattoo ointment will help to offer maximum protection for your tattoo, regardless where it is on your body.

Ora’s Natural Tattoo Aftercare

Ora's Natural Tattoo Ointment Aftercare


  • Slowly infused with only organic herbs.
  • Reduces petroleum buildup on tattoo.
  • Contains no parabens, fragrances, coloring, or mineral oils.


  • Feels and looks thick and soupy.

2. Hustle Butter Deluxe

This tattoo ointment is effective to use at every stage of your tattoo process. Prepares your skin for the design, then keeps it moisturized afterwards.

Hustle Butter Deluxe

Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Ointment


  • Doesn’t clog disposable tattoo tubes.
  • Keeps skin workable during entire inking process.
  • Made from only the finest natural ingredients.


  • Little more costly than similar products

3. The Original Tattoo Goo

Little tin of tattoo ointment great for applying your lotion on the go or for keeping smaller ink designs looking their best.

The Original Tattoo Goo 

The Original Tattoo Goo Ointment


  • Made with all-natural ingredients that will not cause any skin reactions.
  • Ideal for skin that is chapped, damaged, scraped, and wind burn.
  • Based with vitamins, oils, and herbs.


  • Tint tin only holds small amount of salve.

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