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The Meaning Behind Ship Tattoos to Enjoy a Smooth Sailing

Ship tattoos are one of the most common types of nautical tattoos among sailors. Now, more and more people are getting ship tattoos because of the different tattoo designs introduced. Ships tattoos have always had a masculine appeal to them, but this hasn’t stopped women from getting this tattoo. The meanings behind ship tattoos are realistic and relatable for both men and women. Thus, it’s wrong to consider these tattoos gender-specific.

Ship Tattoo on Arm For Men

 Ship tattoos revolve around the meanings of guidance and direction as it helps sailors get back home and reach the right destination. These tattoos also represent a connection with the sea. So many people who live near the beach or spend their lives at sea get this tattoo. You can do a lot with your ship tattoo and find many different ways to showcase them. Before going for a tattoo, it’s important to understand the meaning first. If you want to adorn your skin with a ship tattoo, you must go through this article and understand its real meaning.

Ship Tattoo on wrist for women

The Meaning behind Ship Tattoos

Ship tattoos carry many meanings that are quite realistic and relatable. Ship tattoos also have a rich history, as sailors in the olden times would get this tattoo. It symbolized their life at sea and the different experiences they had while they were away from home. The meaning of ship tattoos can change once you add different symbols like water, lighthouse, anchors, mermaids, rocks, and many other things.

Ship Tattoo for men and women both

 You do not have limited choices when it comes to ship tattoos; there is a lot you can do to change or add to the meaning behind your ship tattoo. One of the most common ship tattoos is the sailing ship tattoo that most of the sailors used to get. It is still popular because of its meaning and the different symbols that appear in this tattoo. The most symbolic element in such tattoos is water; it makes your tattoo meaningful and helps you achieve some amazing body art.

Ship Tattoo on head for men

Ship tattoos symbolize guidance and direction – two of the most important things people keep searching for all their lives. Getting such a tattoo may give you a sense of direction, especially in situations where you feel lost. Ship tattoos represent many other meanings that almost everyone can find motivational and inspirational. Some of the common meanings that a ship tattoo portrays are good luck, honor, bravery, challenges, and independence. It also represents being immersed in nature, new beginnings, and way of life.

Ship Tattoo on back for men

Ships tattoos also serve as a memorial tattoo that you can get in remembrance of someone you lost. This is especially the case when you lose someone close to you at sea or in a bad flooding incident. Some ship tribunal tattoos depict that the person you lost was your source of direction, just like how ships symbolize direction. There are man meanings you can portray in your ship tattoo. All you have to do is understand the meaning well and show them in your ship tattoo the way you want to.

Colorful Ship Tattoo on body

It’s hard to resist getting such a symbolic and beautiful tattoo with so many profound meanings. Ship tattoos don’t only come with versatile meanings but also different designs that will suit all your tattoo preferences. If you want to get a ship tattoo just for its beauty and don’t want to consecrate on the meaning, you can totally go for that. So, let the journey begin!

Ship Tattoos Placement

Most of the ship tattoos are medium to large in size; hence the ideal place for that would be your back, chest, stomach, thighs, and arms. If you want to go for a smaller ship tattoo with lesser details, you can go for the hands, legs, neck, near the collar bone, feet, or behind the ear. Ship tattoos include many elements, and you can tell a whole story through them.

Ship Tattoo on ear for men

If you want to go for something wild and bold, you can go for a back ship tattoo. The back is one of the most common placements for ship tattoo and leaves you with some stunning body art. Once you have your tattoo design, you can easily choose a placement according to that.

Type of Ship Tattoos

1. Ship Skull Tattoo

This ship skull tattoo is the perfect tat that will help you achieve some frightening and dramatic body art. The tattoo includes a black and grey ship with the base of the shape tatted with a skull’s face with dripped lines. The tattooing skills in this piece are beyond words, as the tattoo artist has done an amazing job bringing out the realistic details. This tattoo’s meaning showcases how you, as a person, are ready for anything and not scared of any hurdle that will come your way.

Black and White Ship Tattoo with skull in forearm

2. Traditional Pirate Ship Tattoo

Traditional pirate ship tattoos are another common ship tattoo design that looks good on both men and women. This tattoo incorporates a black and white inked traditional ship with the pirate tattoo signs inked in black. This design is pretty simple; however, you can add other elements that will make this tattoo more meaningful and interesting.

Ship Tattoo on chest with rose

Other Types

  • Religious Ship Tattoos
  • Watercolor Ship Tattoo
  • Floral Ship Tattoo
  • Tribunal Ship Tattoo
  • Compass ship tattoo
  • Sailing Ship Tattoo
  • Navy ship tattoo

Bottom Line

With the help of these ship tattoo meanings, you can now easily understand the true meaning behind this vintage and beautiful tattoo type. The meanings a tattoo holds are quite important for the wearer to know, as they help you tell stories you can’t communicate through words. Ship tattoos also give you a lot of inspiration and guidance, thanks to the profound meanings they represent. Now all you need is the right ship tattoo design, and you can achieve some interesting and meaningful body art. We hope you have smooth sailing (tattooing)!

Ship Tattoo on full body back

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