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The Great Ape Tattoo Meaning Stand For What?

Animal tattoos have been in the mix for quite some time, and they’re amazing to get tatted on the body. Such tattoos come with a lot of significance and meaning. If you’re searching for an animal tattoo with a strong human-like meaning, you should go for an ape tattoo. Apes are one of the closest animals with human-like features and are considered the king of the jungle. Many of us have a misinterpreted approach to apes.

Ape Head with half skull tattoo on arm

 If you see an ape from a distance, you will get some vicious and aggressive vibes, but that’s how apes look. While they look dangerous, they’re actually one of the most caring and affectionate animals and only retaliate when feeling threatened. Ape tattoos are all about strength and courage, and if these are some of the characteristics you want to portray in your personality, you must get an ape tattoo. To have a better understanding regarding ape tattoo, you should definitely read this article further down.

The Meaning behind Ape Tattoos

Ape tattoos come with a baggage of meanings that are very relatable and realistic. While Apes give off fierce and scary expression, deep down, they’re actually one of the most soulful and quiet animals. They only retaliate when it comes to protecting their loved ones. If that’s how people mistake your personality, then getting an ape tattoo is the best decision you can make.

Ape Tattoo for men at back

One of the main characteristics an ape tattoo symbolizes is strength as well as leadership. Apes have strong leadership skills and guide their family on the right track no matter how intense the situation they’re in. Many people can relate to this, especially those that have to take care of big families of their own. These types of tattoos are ideal for single moms who have major leadership instincts if you’re a responsible person and want to show that the ape tattoo is ideal for you.

Bold Looking ape with horns tattoo on leg

 Apes symbolize responsibility as no matter how big a clan of apes they’re surrounded by, each of them takes responsibility for each other while protecting them, especially adults in the clan. This meaning showcases how youngsters should take full responsibility for their elderly, which is quite a good reminder and listening.

Blue Gorilla Tattoo on wrist for men

Many other symbolism’s linked to ape tattoos include community, nobility, masculinity, power, intelligence, family, and loyalty. If you can’t relate to all the meanings, you surely can relate to at least one. Not to mention, these are some of the most realistic meanings and symbols that every human can relate to or learn from.

Placement for Ape Tattoos

Ape tattoos come in different shapes and sizes, so depending on these two factors, you can then place your tattoo on the right area of your body. Most of the ape tattoos consist of a bold image of the apes face with different characteristics portraying in its expression. The best places to get this type of tattoo tatted would be on your arm, back, thigh, or calf. You can get an exaggerated ape tattoo with lots of elements tatted on your sleeve, full chest, or full back. Some people prefer small ape tattoos, which would go well on the neck, hand, and ankle or near the collar bone.

small sketch ape tattoo inner the collar bone for men

Types of Ape Tattoos

1. Neo-Traditional Ape Tattoos

Neo-traditional ape tattoos are a good way to achieve a unique touch in your ape tattoos. These tattoos consist of creative imagery, using a wide range of bold colors like green, red, yellow, orange, and much more. You can play around with different colors, along with different shapes and elements that help create an attractive tattoo. The Neo-traditional ape tattoo usually portrays an ape’s furious features with its mouth open and wild, sharp teeth showing. There’s a lot you can do in these types of tattoos; all you need to do is make good use of your creativity.

Gorilla Tattoo head tattoo on arm for men

2. Watercolor Ape Tattoos

Watercolor ape tattoos are other types of tattoo that use a wide range of colors. In these tattoos, the artist will use different colors like yellow, red, pink, and orange, and use it in a unique way to portray some brilliant imagery. Watercolor tattoos usually consist of colors dripping from the ape. It’s your choice as to what expression you want to portray in your ape tattoo. You can go for a simple, peaceful looking ape with glary eyes or go for one that looks like the ape is about to attack someone. It also depends on what meaning you’re trying to portray in your ape tattoo.

beautiful watercolor gorilla tattoo for men

3. Black and white Realistic Ape Tattoos

You could also opt for a black and white realistic ape tattoo if you want to achieve some realistic imagery on your body. These tattoos consist of a black, white, grey ape with some amazing features that help bring out the realism. If you want to make these tattoos look more outstanding, you can add some elements such as leaves, buildings, shapes, or any other elements you feel that clicks with the tattoo’s design and meaning.

Ape Tattoo on neck for men

For these tattoos, you have to go to a professional and experienced tattoo artist so that you can achieve the exact, realistic look you’re seeking. Such tattoos add a huge wow element to your look and surely help you achieve some fantastic body art.

Other Types

  • Native American Ape Tattoo
  • Cartoon Ape Tattoos
  • Small Geometric Ape Tattoos
  • Ape Tattoos with Name
  • Tribute Ape Tattoos
  • Wildlife Ape Tattoos
Head Lines of ape tattoo


Ape tattoos may still not be that popular as other animal tattoos, but these tattoos help you achieve some real meaning that you can relate to in your daily lives. Sometimes people don’t really care about the meaning behind a tattoo and simply go for just the design. However, what makes a tattoo more special and flattering is the meaning that comes with it. Ape tattoos are one of the most meaningful tattoos you will ever come across and something you wouldn’t want to miss out on, especially if you want to portray characteristics of strength, power, and responsibility in your tattoo.

Cartoon Ape Tattoo for men

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