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What Is The Meaning Behind Fox Tattoo

Have you heard the idiom, ‘as cunning as a fox’, or ‘as swift as a fox’? Well, things are about to get as cunning as ever with these fox tattoo meanings and types. Fox tattoos are quite common. These tattoos look great on both men and women, and come with a variety of different interesting designs.

Little Fox Tattoo

Fox tattoos come with some deep meaning that is quite realistic to the world we live in. Many of us can see a few fox traits in our personalities. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on fox tattoos. If you plan to get one soon, you must learn more about the meaning and types of fox tattoos. You can easily do that by reading further below.

The Meaning Behind Fox Tattoo

As mentioned earlier, fox tattoos come with various meanings that many of us can relate to. One of the biggest characteristics that fox tattoos represent is cunningness. Fox is one of the most cunning animals on the planet. However, at the same time, they also enforce powerful instincts. Other common characteristics that fox tattoos symbolize are skill and trickery.

Fox Tattoo on forearm

Getting such a tattoo with this meaning showcases how to use your tricky nature at the right moment.  If you emphasize the tricky characteristic of a fox tattoo, you will portray a very powerful meaning. This meaning tells others that foxes are quite tricky, but at the same time, their trickiness helps teach us lessons. Life is a journey about learning new lessons.

Fox Tattoo for men on chest

North Americans and Asians give a lot of importance to them, especially through folklore. Japanese see foxes as their spirit animals that are able to transform into humans due to their smartness. This is a good meaning to interpret if you want to include some supernatural instincts in your tattoo.

The color schemes in fox tattoos also hold different meanings. If you go for a fox tattoo that includes red, silver, or white ink, it represents cunningness, craftiness, and intelligence.

Small Fox Tattoo on shoulder for woman

Since there are so many meanings attached to fox tattoos, the best way to portray the meaning you’re going for in your tattoo is by designing it according to the meaning. If you’re focusing more on the cunningness of a fox, you can portray your fox tattoo in a way that runs across something. This makes your tattoo look more personalized and meaningful.

Fox Tattoo Placement

Placing your fox tattoo on the right spot is important. You must select the placement according to the design and size of your tattoo, as well as your comfort level. If you’re going for something bold and big like a running fox tattoo, then you should consider getting it tatted on your back, chest, stomach, or thigh. Your arms are also a good place for descriptive fox tattoos. You can consider your legs, hands, fingers, neck, and collar bone for something small and subtle. A plain fox tattoo face would look striking on your thigh, helping you achieve some fantastic body art.

Fox Tattoo on neck for men

Types of Fox Tattoos

1. Geometrical Fox Tattoo

Make your fox tattoo more creative by trying out this geometrical fox tattoo look. This tattoo includes the face of a fox giving out a bold look and made from different geometrical shapes, including different styled triangles. The tattoo artists have used different colors and filled out each triangle that comprises the foxes. The colors used in this tattoo help you achieve a vibrant tattoo look that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Geometrical Fox Tattoo on hand

2. Tribal Fox Tattoo

If you want to achieve some ancestral traits in your tattoo, you must go for a tribal fox tattoo. These tattoos include a fox made from different tribal designs usually inked in black. The design depends on the tribe you’re going for. Foxes were given importance in many North American and European tribes. They believed that foxes have mythical powers that could transform humans. You could concentrate more on the design if you cant relate to the meaning.

Tribal Fox Tattoo on wrist for woman

3. Jeweled Fox Tattoo

If you’re looking for a feminine feature in your fox tattoo, you must go for this jeweled fox tattoo. This tattoo includes a howling fox inked in orange and white, surrounded with two black outlined roses and jeweled chains all over. The chain and jewels help bring out that feminine look in the tattoo. These tattoos usually symbolize femininity and how powerful female foxes can be, so don’t bother messing with them.

Jeweled Fox Tattoo on hand

4. Watercolor Fox Tattoo

You can also go for this watercolor fox tattoo and achieve some striking body art. This tattoo consists of foxes face inked in orange and white, and the tattoo artist ahs used the watercolor tattooing technique to extend the fox’s face by creating a dripping effect.  To achieve such a tattoo, you must go to an experienced and talented tattoo artist who can successfully get this watercolor effect.

Watercolor  Fox Tattoo for men

5. Floral Fox Tattoo

This floral fox tattoo is another feminine tattoo that includes some interesting details. This tattoo includes a simple orange and white inked fox standing against a background of cherry blossoms inked in ink. Cherry blossoms are known t make a tattoo more meaningful and aesthetic; however, you can choose any type of flower that would go well in your tattoo. This tattoo would also go well on men.

Floral Fox Tattoo on thigh for woman

Other Types

3D Fox Tattoo

Beautiful 3D Fox Tattoo on leg for women

Red Fox Tattoo

Fox Tattoo for men

Curled Up Fox Tattoo

Curled up Fox Tattoo on leg

Cartoon Fox Tattoo

Cute Cartoon Fox Tattoo

Nine Tailed Fox Tattoo

Nine Tailed Fox Tattoo on shoulder for women


After reading this article about fox tattoos, you can surely say that fox tattoos are the most meaningful animal tattoos. By now, you should be able to choose your first fox tattoo with ease. Make sure you go through all the meanings properly so that you can have a deeper connection with your fox tattoo while achieving some impeccable body art.

Fox Face Tattoo on foot

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