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Crown Tattoo Meaning and Ideas Filled With Royalty

Many crown tattoos may not even need much explanation as to the uniqueness and royalty sparks within. These tattoos have been in the mix for a while, and till today many people boldly get them tattooed on their bodies in different sizes and designs. The moment you see a crown tattoo you will know it represents a king or queen or symbolizes royalty. These are the few main symbolism behind the crown tattoos, but there is a lot more o these extravagant tattoos.

Crown Tattoo on hand for women

The best part about getting a crown tattoo is the incarnate details with jewels that you can also achieve through a colored crown tattoo. If you’re interested in adding some royalty to your body art, then learn more about crown tattoos over here, and get inspired by some lovely designs.

The Meaning behind Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos come with a lot of history, especially when the era of kings, and queens ruling was seen as a highly remarkable and responsible duty. Other than royalty, one of the main meanings crown tattoos highlight is power. Kings and queens are known to be one of the most powerful people in the world, especially when it comes to ruling. This power gave them the confidence to rule over a particular nation, and also get high respect in return.

Classy King and queen crown tattoo

Power can be both good and bad, but it’s how you deal with it and use it. If you want to remind yourself of how powerful you are as a person especially during times when you feel low and worthless, a crown tattoo is a right way to go about it. It also showcases to the other person that you are bold, and you wouldn’t let anyone get to you.  

Crown tattoos also represent leadership. If you are the sole breadwinner of a family or are leading a specific group or even a sports team; you can show that in your crown tattoo, and remind yourself to always lead the right way as everyone is dependent on you.  Crown tattoos also give out the meaning of self-control and freedom, which are one of the two important traits everyone should be aware of. If you think you don’t have good self-control on certain things, or maybe want to highlight this trait in your personality, then you must get a crown tattoo.

When it comes to freedom, crown tattoos remind you that you have the freedom to do anything in this world, especially during days when you feel trapped, and feel like nothing is working out. Give yourself the freedom to carry out certain tasks, and this tattoo is a good reminder for that.

Skull with Crown tattoo for men on chest

If you combine all the meanings together in your crown tattoo, it can give you something very meaningful. The interesting thing about crown tattoos is that all the meanings are very diverse, but somehow in the end it gives out the same symbolism which is power. There are many things you can associate power with, and most of them are with positive things. Now all you need is a crown tattoo design, and you can accordingly decide which meaning you want to focus more on.

Placement for Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos come in a lot of variety; hence you have the freedom to place one anywhere. However; if you want the royalty to spark in your crown tattoo, you have to make sure you choose the right place. To do that you first need to select a design and then according to that choose the correct placement. If you’re going for a big crown tattoo you can get it to tattoo on your back, arm, chest, and thigh. Small crown tattoos are very flexible as you can get them tattooed on your fingers, wrist, hands, ankle, collar bone area, behind the ear, near the hip bone, and ribcage.

Crown Tattoo on body

Types of Crown Tattoos

Crown Lion Tattoo

If you’re looking for something fierce and loyal, then this crown lion tattoo is a good choice for you. This tattoo showcases a back and grey inked lion roaring in action with a lot of realistic detailing, and a jeweled crown over its head. This tattoo signifies dominance, so if you’re more of the dominant character this might be the ideal tattoo for you. Other than dominance you can see a lot of power and royalty shining through this tattoo.

Lion with crown tattoo on body

Sword and Crown Tattoo

This sword and crown tattoo is a real mesmerizer, and gives out the true meaning of power and royalty together. In this tattoo you will find a black and grey inked crown with a sword going through it. With the help of the right shading and contouring technique you can achieve a very realistic touch in this tattoo. One of the main meanings behind this tattoo is victory. Victory is a very common trait that runs among royal families, especially among kings and queens when it comes to conquering certain quests.

Sword and Crown Tattoo on hand

When you pair the crown with the sword it showcases how a battle is won; hence it is a sign of victory. If you have achieved something great in life all by yourself then this tattoo is the right way to showcase that.

The Crown of Thorns Tattoo

The crown of thorns tattoo is a great symbolism for Christians representing the death of Christ. This tattoo includes simple black and grey crown with thorns over. This tattoo mainly symbolizes suffering, and is a good way to show your love and respect for Christianity.

Crown of thorn tattoo on neck for men

Name Crown Tattoo

You can also get anyone’s name tatted a long with your crown tattoo to showcase royalty. This tattoo includes simplistic lined crown with a name tatted under it in a curvy font. You could include the name of a loved one, or someone to pay tribute to. You could also include your own name.

Name Crown Tattoo on leg for women

Final Words

Hopefully with the help of this article you now have a good idea on crown tattoos, and can start deciding on what design to take to your next tattoo appointment. Make sure to choose a design that compliments the placement you choose, and something that you can vibe with.

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