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What Is the Meaning Behind Ram Tattoo

When it comes to getting a ram tattoo, at first, you might think it’s absurd to get a tattoo of a more masculine and strong version of a goat. But if you really try to understand the meaning behind ram tattoos, you will instantly want to get one. A ram’s face looks like the integration of a half skull and half goat, which makes it so interesting to get something so illustrative tatted.

Ram Tattoo at back for men

Rams are real animals (not an imaginary creature), of course, but they have many ancient and realistic meanings attached to them. These tattoos are more common among men. However, there is no such rule that says women can’t slay off them. Read further below to get the gist of the meaning behind ram tattoos and come across a few interesting ram tattoo ideas.

The Meaning behind Ram Tattoos

Ram tattoos portray many meanings, but one of the main things that ram tattoos symbolize is stubbornness, that many of us could relate to. Rams will do anything to achieve what they want, even if it means to kill. Getting this tattoo is a good reminder for people that sometimes it’s okay to stay stubborn in some situations and with some people. Many of us get trapped in this bubble of ignoring our wants and needs while catering to others.

Ram face tattoo for men on chest

If you take a close look at a ram tattoo design, you will notice how it has many masculine traits and features, especially with the expressions it makes. This is one of the main reasons why many men prefer getting such tattoos; they achieve a sense of authority. Earlier, men believed this tattoo is a good way to attract the opposite gender.

small Ram Tattoo on neck for women

You will want to get a Ram tattoo if you relate to the Zodiac star sign Aries. Rams represent this star sign, and it symbolizes a few good qualities that you will see in an Aries, such as power, enthusiasm, confidence, and passion.

Ram Tattoo

Ram tattoos are a big sign of paganism, which is one of the main reasons why many people refrain from getting such a tattoo, especially Christians. The deities who were found in Wicca showed much appreciation to the ram. The Honored God had features of a ram, a horizontal crescent on a circle at the top of the head; hence rams symbolize paganism.

Ram Tattoo for men

The horns of the ram are very symbolic as they symbolize power. The horns are what make the rams look such a powerful and fierce animal. If you want to achieve a sense of power through art, getting a ram tattoo would be the best decision you make. The horns of a ram are considered as the ‘Crown’ of the Ram; hence it also symbolizes royalty. One of the most common types of ram tattoos is the skull ram tattoo that holds a lot of meaning. The skull and ram also symbolize paganism and help represent a contrast between death and life. These tattoos have some feminine touches, especially when you add a floral design to it.

Bold Ram Tattoo on chest for men

As you can tell, ram tattoos have some quite strong and persuasive meanings. However, you don’t need to get this tattoo just because of the meaning behind it. Some people just go for the design, and that’s perfectly fine. You can choose the design of the ram tattoo and achieve some amazing body art. Read further below to come across the best types of ram tattoos.

Ideal Placement for Ram Tattoos

You can place your ram tattoo wherever you feel comfortable; however, a few specific places suit the design of a ram tattoo. You can consider getting one on your chest as the face of the ram fits perfectly there. If you’re opting for a small version of the ram tattoo, you could get it on your arms or the side of your back near your shoulders. Besides, you can keep in mind other good placements, such as your back, stomach, ribs, legs, and thigh. The best way to choose the right placement is by first selecting the design you want. According to the design of the tattoo, you can easily choose a suitable placement.

Ram Tattoo on foot for men

Two Main Types of Ram Tattoos

1. Floral Ram Tattoos

You can go for this floral ram tattoo to achieve a feminine touch in your ram tattoo. This tattoo includes the face of a ram with horns inked in brown and white. Near the ram appear two tattooed-style red roses inked on both sides with green leaves. The flowers in this tattoo radiate feminine vibes, also linked with the occult culture. You can add many more elements for an additional touch, such as chains, desert rose, jewelry, laces, and lots more.

Floral Ram Tattoo on thigh for women

2. Geometrical Ram Tattoo

Top up your ram tattoo look with this geometrical ram tattoo. Geometrical designs are quite popular and go well with a ram tattoo. This tattoo consists of a ram’s face made out of different geometrical shapes and includes line work. The tattoo artists have carried out shading here to highlight a few shapes in ram’s face. The black and grey ink look suits this design and will go really well on your collar bone or back.

Geometrical Ram Tattoo for men

Other Ram Tattoo Types

Ram Skull Tattoo

Ram Skull Tattoo

Watercolor Ram Tattoo

Watercolor Ram Tattoo on back for women

Occult Ram Tattoo

Ram Tattoo on head for men

Traditional Ram Tattoo

Traditional looking Ram Tattoo design on hand

Ram Horns Tattoo

Big Horns Ram Tattoo on chest

Cartoon Ram Tattoo

Cute Cartoon design Ram Tattoo for women

Deadly Ram Tattoo

Ram Tattoo for men on shoulder

Aries Ram Tattoo

Aries Tattoo design for men on back


With the help of these amazing ram tattoo ideas and the different meanings behind them, you can achieve some impeccable ram tattoo looks on your body. You can always go for more than one tattoo, especially if you can relate to the meaning. It’s always best to understand the meaning behind the tattoo, even if you don’t pay much attention to it. Hopefully, this article has made your tattoo decision much easier, and if it has persuaded you to get a ram tattoo, book your tattoo appointment right away!

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