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Magical Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Alice in Wonderland may have played a big role in your childhood fantasy land imagination. This book and movie are quite the classics that no one can get over, especially after the amazing Disney adaptation and many others after that. That was quite the movie to watch, and till today adults and children both watch it with the same interest and excitement as before. To make your love and adoration for the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland prominent, you can get an Alice in wonderland tattoo.

Alice in wonderland Tattoo on hand for women

These tattoos have a deeper meaning than just liking the book and movie; the magical and imaginative themes in this movie are spellbinding. In today’s world, they might help individuals to get through life even if they seem a bit unrealistic. From Alice herself to different characters in the movie, you can get any type of Alice in Wonderland tattoo you like.

The best part about this tattoo is that they are suitable for all ages and come in a lot of colors which makes these tattoos quite appealing. So step into the dream of Alice, and go through these magical Alice in Wonderland tattoo ideas and meanings that will help you choose the right one.

The Meaning Behind Alice In Wonderland Tattoos

The meaning behind your Alice in Wonderland tattoo depends on the tattoo design you go for. These tattoos consist of characters from the first book and the Disney version as well. One of the first meanings that link to these tattoos is your childhood. Many of us have grown u watching Alice in Wonderland on repeat or have come across different storybooks in the library that depicts this magical story. Getting a tattoo of this today would represent your interesting childhood and how this book/movie played an important role in your life and impacted your imaginative thinking as a child.

Black and white tattoo for men

Secondly, Alice in Wonderland tattoos give out a very unique and eccentric trait about you. A few characters from the story, especially the allegorical ones, symbolize how you see the world differently. They represent that you are not embarrassed at all about being the odd one out because that’s what keeps you going and makes you different from the rest.

Alice in wonderland tattoos also represents mystery, especially if you get a tattoo of the well-known character, the Cheshire Cat. This cat was one of the most amusing and mysterious characters from the story and was probably one of the first violet cats you’ve ever seen. The cat gives out cunning and mischief traits. By getting this tattoo, you can showcase how you may have the same qualities and is the type of person who doesn’t share everything about yourself with everyone, which makes you mysterious in nature, just like the Cheshire cat.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo on body for women

Alice in Wonderland tattoos also circle around the meaning of authority and craziness, especially through the character of the famous Mad Hatter. There are many ways you could showcase this tattoo and how it helps depict the authoritative meaning. You can also achieve the meaning and symbolism of lunacy through the character of the Queen of eats. This character is surrounded by red objects and roses that represent madness.

If you want to subtly showcase your crazy side to other people, you must get this tattoo.  The tattoo of Alice herself is quite meaningful as it symbolizes sanity. Her character is quite simple and is a good way to represent the simplicity and innocence in your life. Now that you’re aware of the meaning, it’s time you get an Alice in wonderland tattoo by choosing a design from below. Getting one can simply symbolize the love you have for each character as well, and that how these fictional characters may have a greater impact on your life.

Ideal Alice on Wonderland Tattoo Placement Options

One of the most common placements for Alice in wonderland tattoos is the forearm. This placement gives you and your tattoo artist the freedom to go for and create a long and detailed tattoo of one of the characters or anything that is related to the story. The placement is also quite visible, so you can easily see it and showcase it to others as well. You can also opt for the arm, leg, chest, stomach, and back

5 Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Ideas

The Classic Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

If you want to include Alice in your tattoo, you can go for a classic one that includes a colored portrait of Alice, including black, white, and blue ink. To make this tattoo more attractive, you can try out this reflection Alice in wonderland tattoo, in which you can see her back through an oval mirror with roses all over.

Amazing Alice in wonderland Tattoo on leg

The March Hare Tattoo

The March Hare is another famous character of this story that represents stasis and memory through the clock that he holds throughout. This tattoo includes the March hare inked in white, with a clock in the background and a few floral features.

Bold March hare tattoo for women

The Mad Hatter Tattoo

You can also achieve the Mad Hatter tattoo by choosing a portrait from any of the movies’ adaptations and get a realistic portrait tattoo. You can also achieve a minimal look by just getting the hat of the mad hatter tattooed and add some interesting colors to it.

Mad Hatter Tattoo on hand for men

The Cheshire Cat Tattoo

For an outburst of colors, this Cheshire cat tattoo is an ideal choice. This tattoo includes the face of the cat portraying a mischief look, and in the background, there is an outburst of purple ink using the watercolor tattooing technique.

Beautiful Cheshire Cat tattoo on shoulder for women

Alice in Wonderland Quote Tattoo

You can simply include just words in your tattoo by going for your favorite phrase or dialogue from the story or movie and get it tatted in black in a unique font. For an additional touch, you can add some symbols like the rabbit’s clock or the mad hatter’s hat.

Quote tattoo for women


It’s time you add a bit of magic to your life by trying out an Alice in wonderland tattoo. It’s amazing how you can still relate some of the meanings in today’s world and showcase how magic truly does keep a lot of things alive!

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