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The Meaning Behind Cycle Tattoo

Biking is a sport for the daring and adventurous. A cycle tattoo can be the ultimate tattoo for the avid bike rider. Some people love cycling for competitive sports like mountain biking or BMX, while others love it as a sustainable means for traveling. A cycle tattoo not only suits the people who love it from an objective standpoint, but it can also suit you if you relate to what it comprises. Subjectively, it can be a sign of freedom, travel or adventure. If you believe in the virtuous aspects of life, you should consider getting a cycle tattoo. In this article,we will break down what it means to have a cycle tattoo and what are the different placements that you should consider.

Cycle Tattoo at your lower back for women


The meaning of a cycle tattoo stretches out and touches many different sentiments. You can have sentimental value for a cycle based on many things. For people who are avid bike riders, it simply just displays their love for cycling. On the other hand, for people who love competing in cycle races and marathons, a cycle tattoo can display their love for competition. As mentioned earlier, people tend to attach different meanings to cycling.

Cycle Tattoo on arm for men


A cycle tattoo can show affection towards traveling if you truly believe that the meaning of life does not lie behind closed doors and cubicles. Moreover, if your purpose in life is to travel as much as you can, a cycle tattoo can perfectly represent that sentiment. Since cycles encourage people to move from one place to another, having one tatted on your body can remind you every time to always keep moving. This tattoo calls out to all the travel seekers and adventurers with the urge to explore.

Cycle Tattoo for men on  hand


Carbon emissions are ruining our atmosphere, the highest amount of carbon emissions come from motorized vehicles. If you truly believe that cycling is the easiest, healthiest and most sustainable solution to carbon emissions, you should definitely get one as soon as possible.

Cycle Loop Tattoo on arm for men

A cycle tattoo can be a great idea to spread awareness amongst your peers about the dangers of climate change. Getting a cycle tattoo can be a form of an initiative for changing people’s minds. Cities like Amsterdam and Japan have been showing how much of a difference cycling can make.

Cycle Tattoo on stomach for men

These nations completely transformed their air quality by incorporating the use of mass cycling. Not only has it emphatically been good for the environment, but it also showed major improvements in people’s health. Getting a cycle tattoo is an appropriate choice for the modern age. With obesity and global warming on the rise, a cycle tattoo can symbolize health, sustainability and fitness. It will also be your first step towards going green.

Riding Cycle Tattoo for men


This tattoo call is for all the adrenaline junkies, freestylers and mountain bikers. Different cycles represent different things. Getting a sporty cycle tattoo just shows your love for adventure. It symbolically reminds you of the sensations of taking extreme risks. Heartbeat thumping, sweaty palms, the wind blowing through your hair -these are moments that make you feel alive, especially if you are as killed risk-taker on a cycle. Even if you don’t personally participate in extreme biking sports, getting a mountain bike tattoo shows your love and appreciation for the professional athletes that put their lives on the line to entertain.

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Tiny Cycle Tattoo on hand for men

In Memory of Childhood

Growing up comes with a bombardment of responsibilities that can be overwhelming. You can get a cycle tattoo simply in remembrance of the good old times. It can even be a reminder of your youth, transcending you to the times when you had no worries and the days passed by without any troubles. Everyone has that sweet memory of being a kid on the cycle, riding across neighborhoods without any emotional burden, not caring about the future. A cycle tattoo can be a reminder to help you during stressful situations. When negative thoughts are upon you, tattoos like these can fill your mind with the sweet memories of childhood.

Cute cartoon tattoo on leg

Placement Ideas

A cycle tattoo aesthetically looks great. So you can just get one because of the aesthetic value it brings. There is a huge choice of cycle tattoo options that you can choose from, depending on what suits you and what your purpose is. Do you want a subtle small cycle? Or do you want to make it prominent for everyone to see?  Let’s discuss some of the placement options worth considering.

Cycle Tattoo on chest for men

On The Forearm

The forearm is the most obvious first choice for any tattoo. A cycle tattoo on the bottom forearm promises a decent and neat look. This position is ideal for the people who want to flaunt their cycle tattoo when they want to, and roll their sleeves down when they do not.

3D Cycle Tattoo on forearm for men

On the Ankle

Ankle tattoos are more suitable for females. Having a small cycle tattoo on your ankle displays elegance and subtlety. It also looks incredibly cute while also giving you a chance to show it off on a sunny day at the beach. You should not settle for plain looking bare feet as a cycle tattoo on the ankle is a unique choice that stands out.

Cute small Cycle Tattoo on ankle for women

Bike Chains on Your Arm

If you love the idea of wristband tattoos, a bike chain is an ideal tattoo option that you can get anywhere around your arm.

Cycle Chain Tattoo for men on arm

Cycle Tattoo with Heart Beat

This tattoo idea protrudes deep affection for cycling. The best placement option for a cycle tattoo with heartbeat is on the hand.

Bold Cycle Tattoo for men

A Woman with Bicycle

This tattoo idea can stem from the idea of women empowerment. Tattoos that portray women with a bicycle show that they are free and independent. They are quite thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing.

Beautiful Cycle Tattoo for women on sholuder

Cycle Tattoo with Trees

You should get this tattoo if you wish to immerse yourself with the beauty of nature. It is arguably the best way to display your love for cycling in the woods, drifting along the trees.

Cycle Tattoo with tree on hand

Cycle tattoo with Cartoon Characters

Are you the type that doesn’t mind getting a bit whimsical with your tattoos? If the answer is yes, consider incorporating cartoon characters along with your cycle tattoo. It is a great way to add humor and creativity to your tattoo.

Cycle Tattoo with cartoon on leg for women

Cycle Tattoo with Birds

This tattoo idea is pleasing to the eyes. Birds symbolize peace, tranquility and freedom. There aren’t much better ways for you to convey that message than a cycle tattoo with birds.

Cycle Tattoo with birds

Cycle Tattoo with Skull

You can opt for a cycle tattoo with skull if you are not afraid of adventure and risks. It is a great option for risk takers and adrenaline junkies.

Cycle Tattoo with skull on body for men

Final Words

Cycles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With cycle tattoos, you have a ton of room for creativity. There are many options that you can choose from, and your tattoo artist will help you find the best choice of tattoo that not only pleases the eyes aesthetically but also conveys your sentiment.

Small Cycle Tattoo on wrist for men

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