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Interesting Dead Head Moth Tattoo Meanings

Many people are afraid of insects, but these tiny creatures are popular in the tattoo world. You will find many tattoo buffs with different insect tattoos, including moth. A moth is a species that comes from the butterfly family; however, they have distinct characteristics.

Dead Moth Tattoo On Side Of A Woman

Moth tattoos are quite common and trending as these creatures carry some profound meanings that make your tattoo look more powerful and interesting. Out of all the designs, the best one has got to be the dead moth tattoo. These tattoos bring out the darker side of the moth tattoo, but they hold a lot of realistic meanings, especially mystery.

Death Moth Tattoo on hand for men

The dead head moth is also a cultural tattoo and enjoys great importance in many cultures. Hence, people tend to get such unique tattoos to remind or showcase others about the long lost cultures and tribes from around the world. If you want to achieve some mystery in your tattoo, you’ve got to go for a dead head moth tattoo. Read this article further below and come across the main meanings behind dead head moth tattoos, helping you achieve mind-blowing body art.

The Meaning behind Dead Head Moth Tattoos

One of the main and obvious meanings behind a dead head moth tattoo is that it is a symbol of death. Many cultures and civilizations used the dead moth as a sign of death or something dark. If you look at the tattoo design closely, you will see a small skull face in the middle of a dead moth. It connects with the other discreet patterns that make the human skull’s design. This is one of the reasons why some people have a negative view of this tattoo as it includes skulls, usually portraying a dark and negative side.

Death Moth Tattoo on arm for men

In many cultures, people refer to these unique beings as the “night creatures” because of the dead head moth’s deadly feature. The meaning showcases that the dead head moth has dark and negative vibes, which could also lead to bad luck for many. Getting this tattoo will represent your perception of certain things and how you see the world struggling with bad vibes and constant negative energy. It also portrays you as a person who has deep and dark thoughts.

Moth tattoo on leg for women

Another interesting meaning behind dead head moth tattoos is passion and sensuality. One of the most common features of the dead head moth, and moths in general, is its attraction to light. Light contributes to positive vibes; however, in this tattoo, people see the light as a cause of death for dead head moths. They believe the light may damage or burn moths’ wings.

 Moth Tattoo with beautiful flower on arm

The dead head moth tat also symbolizes manipulation and trickiness, as moths are one of the few creatures who are easily destroyed by bees. So, in order to save themselves, they have to use their tricks. If you pay attention to this meaning, your tattoo will present you as a tricky person. You can tell the world you are someone who has a game plan to save themselves, especially if you don’t look like people who play mind games.

Colorful  Moth Tattoo on neck for women

Besides, the dead head moth tattoos associate with your dreams. Interestingly, many people believe that if you see one in your dream, especially one that goes towards a light source, it means there is something you really want in life. However, you’re too scared to share it with anyone. Sometimes these dreams can also help you find your answers to your questions.

3D Moth Tattoo at back for women

The dead moth head tattoo is one of the main variations of a dead moth tattoo, but if you look at its meaning, you can relate those with this tattoo as well. The main meanings that moth tattoos represent are mystery, rebirth, and nature. As you can see, dead head moth tattoos come with darker and negative meanings. But, you can still find some light in these dark meanings and use them to guide you in your daily life by getting a dead head moth tattoo.

Death Moth Tattoo  on chest for men

Moreover, the dead head moth tattoo has a unique design itself, so if you don’t want to pay much attention to the meaning while getting the tattoo, you can go for it. Now all you need is the perfect dead head moth tattoo design and achieve some impeccable body art.

Death Moth Tattoo

Dead Head Moth Tattoo Placement

The placement for your dead head moth tattoo is as important as choosing the design. Sometimes settling on one placement can get a bit overwhelming. Hence, to avoid any confusion, always choose your design first, and then you can choose the perfect placement. If you’re going for a tiny or minimal dead head moth tattoo, you can consider getting it on your fingers, hands, elbow, wrist, neck, behind the neck, behind the ear, and ankle. If you want to go for a bigger dead head moth tattoo, the best places for that would be your arm, back, chest, thigh, and spine.

Moth tattoo on head for men

The Most Common Dead Head Moth Tattoo Type

Traditional Dead Head Moth Tattoo

This traditional dead head moth tattoo is one of the most common types you will find in this category. This tattoo includes a black and grey inked dead head moth with interesting details and shading. The credit goes to the skills of the tattoo artist. He has added an eyeball in the human skull’s mouth in this tattoo, which is quite an interesting feature. This tattoo is quite big in size, but you can always adjust it according to your requirements.

tattoos for men on chest

Other Types

  • Water Color Dead Moth Head Tattoo
  • Bee Dead Moth Tattoo
  • Skull Rose Dead Head Moth Tattoo
  • Skull Candy Dead Head Moth Tattoo
  • Visionary Dead Head Moth Tattoo
  • Jeweled Dead head Moth Tattoo
Sketch marks of death head moth tattoo

Final Words

These dead head moth tattoo meanings are brilliant and very relatable as well for some people. Other than the meanings, dead moth tattoos come in different designs, giving you more choice because of its versatility. So make sure you properly go through these meanings and express your views through this powerful tattoo. You don’t necessarily have to relate to the meanings. You can simply get this tattoo because of its amazing outlook. Happy tattooing!

Beautiful luna moth tattoo on hand for women

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