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Meaning Behind The Wave Tattoo And Find Out What It Represents

Many people get tattoos for different reasons. Some people tend to ink their bodies to feel more comfortable and confident. Others want to use a tattoo to remind them of someone they love or a special moment in life. Tattoos have evolved into something unique and special, which almost everyone with or without a purpose can enjoy.

Bold Wave Tattoo for men On Back

However, since there are a handful of tattoos, people aren’t aware of what would be best for them. When it comes to getting a tattoo, you must determine what meaning you want to represent. For instance, a person who wants to remind themselves of a loved one who has passed away will get a rose tattoo. Therefore, getting a tattoo depends on the meaning you would like to portray.

Wave Tattoo with paper boat for women

Today we are going to focus on the wave tattoo, what it means, and what it represents. Other than this, we will also mention a few placement ideas. Continue reading on as the information here will surely be educational and helpful.

Wave Tattoo on back for men

What Does A Wave Represent?

When it comes to any tattoo, the factor that makes a tattoo interesting is the meaning it has. There isn’t one tattoo that doesn’t represent something or hold a certain meaning. Each design, shape, size, quote, phrase, and color adds a different meaning to a tattoo. Therefore, even the wave tattoo represents something that makes it special for many tattoo lovers.

Wave Tattoo on heels for women

Down below, we have mentioned what a wave represents in detail.

Wave Tattoo on forearm for men


One of the most precise meanings behind a wave is strength. As we know, a wave can apply a pressure of around 200 – 6500 pounds. This, of course, depends on the height of the wave, which can vary. A wave can cause a lot of damage to anything that comes in its way; thus, waves represent strength. Any wearer of this tattoo would also represent themselves as someone who can endure all sorts of problems and keep moving forward.

Beautiful  Wave Tattoo for men


We all know that the sea and ocean both consist of various creatures. Some move with the waves while others fight against it. Therefore, this represents a journey. A person looking for a design that could portray how tough their journey has been before reaching their final and successful destination could use this tattoo.

Wave Tattoo on wrist for men

Other than this, a high and low wave tattoo together could represent the ups and downs in life. No one lives a perfect life; almost everyone has to struggle to get somewhere; thus, a wave perfectly represents the journey of a person. A wave tattoo can work as a reminder of the hardships you had to go through to get to where you are.

Simple lines Wave Tattoo


Waves aren’t always rough and dangerous. There are times when a wave is calm; they can be quiet soothing for the eye and soul. Therefore, when a wave is calm, it can represent peace and serenity. Many tattoo lovers and people wanting their first tattoo, look for something with a peaceful meaning. A wave tattoo is a pretty common tattoo because it represents peace.

One line Wave Tattoo


When you look at the sea or the ocean, you realize how vast they are. This represents the hugeness of life and how you are alone in it. Therefore, this tattoo can work as a reminder for someone to focus on what they want to achieve instead of worrying about what others might think.

Basic Wave Tattoo on Arm for women


Of course, how could this not be one of the meanings behind a wave? It’s common to see many surfers hit the waves when they are at their best. Therefore, a wave tattoo could represent your love for surfing or an indication of being an adventurous person.

Wave Tattoo with boat on thigh for women

How To Add More Designs

If you want to add more designs to a wave tattoo, you definitely can. A wave tattoo looks great, with a few birds flying above it. Other than this, you could add the moon and stars as well. Adding a few more designs to your tattoo will make your tattoo stand out even more. Other than this, the more texture and color involved, the more impact it will have on you.

Amazing art work on Wave Tattoo for women in hand

The Placement Of The Tattoo

The placement of any tattoo is crucial. It would help if you placed your tattoo in an area you’re comfortable with and also looks good. Now when it comes to the placement of the wave tattoo, you need first to determine what type of wave you will ink? You could either get a single wave design that would be perfect for the wrist and ankle. Other than this, if you want a bigger design of a larger wave with smaller waves, you will need to ink your arm or back area.

Blue line Wave Tattoo

However, in the end, the placement does come down to whether you want others to see it. Whatever your preference is and whatever makes you feel happy, go for it, embrace it.

Swirling Wave Tattoo on forearm for men

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we have mentioned all there is for you to know regarding the wave tattoo. We have also mentioned how to place the tattoo the best way and add more texture to make it look even better. Whatever design you decide to get makes sure to let your tattoo artist fully understand what you want.

Wave Tattoo with whale style on wrist

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