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Wrist Tattoos – Why Are They Simple and Awesome

So you are all excited about the thought of getting inked on your wrist.

By now you have come up with a cute and clever design that highlights your ideals and beliefs, shows off your dangerous side, and expresses your connection with a higher force.

Did you consider the visibility of the wrist tattoo, the pain involved, and the historical links to tattoos of this particular nature.

Wrist Tattoo Gallery

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Before you roll up your sleeves and get inked on the wrists, here is some useful information related to getting wrist tattoos.

Which are the Best Wrist Tattoos?

Make no mistake about it, wrist tattoos have become one of the more popular ways to express your personality in ink on your body.

Take a look on the big screen and you will see that several A-list celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, and Posh Spice, have all gotten black ink on their wrists.

As more people are getting the wrist tattoos, certain designs and symbols are becoming more widely used than others.

For the men, wrist tattoos consist of flames, Celtic designs, stars, names, skulls, key holes, quotations, and crosses.

For the ladies, popular wrist tattoos range from flowers, names, hearts, the sun, the moon, birds, and rosary beads. If you connect with something, chances are good it will look great on your wrist.

Does Getting Wrist Tattoos Hurt?

To better answer this question, let us first assume that getting any tattoo will hurt.

The process of repeatedly sticking a tattoo needles into the skin does not conjure up images of gentle skin massages, the bottom-line is that getting tattoos hurt.

That being said, the reason that so many people are covered in ink is because those moments of pain are worth a lifetime of beauty.

If this is your first tattoo however, you picked one of the more painful regions of the body to get inked.

There really is no way around it, the wrist is a location where there is little to no padding between skin, bones, nerves, and it hurts. Level of pain can be lowered with a tattoo numbing cream.

However, you may have a high threshold to pain, in which case this will be a walk in the park. Consider that tattoos may need touch-ups, and that sensitive area may have to be revisited again by the needle at a later time.

Links to the Wrist Tattoo

There may be no stopping you at this point. You have decided on this really cool design of small birds you want inked on your wrist, you are ready to deal with a few minutes of pain to have that artwork permanently placed on your body.

Before you throw on that tank top and head to the tattoo parlor, are you sure you understand the historical links to getting inked on the wrist?

The star design wrist tattoos have been historically linked to homosexual and lesbian lifestyles.

Now while society has changed their views of these groups over the years, it might be worth a few minutes of research on your part to make certain your design and especially the fact it is on the wrist is not connected with an organization that you may not want to be associated with.

While most body ink lovers buck the system and fly by their own rules, it doesn’t hurt to see if that design you love might have a deeper association that you first thought.

Concealing Your Wrist Tattoos

Before you get inked on the wrist, make sure you have put a lot of thought into the idea of having to conceal your tattoo if the work environment requires it.

Perhaps you are in a job position today where your clothing can easily hide the ink, but what if your job title changes or you relocate to a hot climate where short sleeves are the dress code?

Having wrist tattoos means you now have ink in one of the more visible parts of the body for the rest of your life.

When the tattoo is placed on the back, shoulder, or thigh, it is simple to make it disappear at work. When it comes to a wrist tattoo, it is all but impossible to keep your tattoo a secret, just like wedding ring tattoos.

Although you may love it, what about your boss, your customers, your parents, this is a tattoo decision you need to think out well in advance.

One of the easiest ways to make the decision about a wrist tattoo is to look at your life 20 years from now. Where do you see yourself?

That wrist tattoo of the bloody dagger may be problematic at your children’s PTA meeting. That skull tattoo on your wrist might not have the same appeal as it does today when you are meeting your new in-laws.

If you made up your mind that you are getting one no matter what, then congratulations, you are going to marvel for years at the placement and beauty of your newly inked wrist tattoo.

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