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44 Wedding Ring Tattoos With Diversifying and Creative Meanings


One recent trend in wedding traditions that is taking the world by storm is getting wedding ring tattoos in place of tradition bands of gold.

Today’s generation doesn’t like doing things by the books or even following in the steps of their parents, and getting forever inked just seems like the natural thing to do these days.

The average guy spends over $5,000 on an engagement ring alone, so many couples are forgoing the traditions and creating their very own wedding ring tattoos.

Today, a large number of couples are breaking tradition and getting inked on their ring fingers instead, utilizing all that extra cash to celebrate their wedding days in style. These are just some of the designs being inked on the ring finger:

The Infinity Ring

Some couple choose to have the infinity ring inked on their ring fingers to symbolize a love that will stand the test of time forever.

These bands look like the figure eight wrapping around the ring finger and can also be transformed by adding special personal touches down the finger like the date the couple met, the date they were married, or the first name of their partner.

The Lock and Key

The bride in this case will get inked with a heart-shaped lock on her ring finger, where the groom will get the key that opens that lock. These unique wedding ring tattoos represent that one person holds the only key to the other persons heart, and these two are not truly one until they are hand-in-hand together.

The Mr. & Mrs. Ink

Make no mistake about it, when you see the word “Mrs.” inked on her ring finger, you know she is taken. A fun twist on the traditional wedding ring is simply using these prefixes to show the world you are already taken. The words can be drawn in place of the wedding band or down the side of the finger.

The Wedding Song

Looking for the perfect wedding ring tattoos? One that will certainly connect with both parties and remind them of their wedding song is to have the first few notes of that song inked around the wedding finger.

The chorus or first few notes of the song are places on the music graph in their exact order, something personal and memorable at the same time.

The Traditional Band

Perhaps you prefer to buck tradition but still want to create an ink design that symbolizes love and marriage. Rather than slipping on that band of gold each day, getting inked with a wedding band proves that the two are committed for life.

These are permanent reminders to the world that these two are together forever and can be drawn as simplistic or elaborate as the imagination can dream.

As you can see, if a couple share a common like, it can be inked on their fingers in place of the traditional wedding bands and symbolize their eternal love for one another. From the simple band of ink, to creative wedding phrases, if it touches the heart, it works as wedding ring tattoos.

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