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Small Bird Tattoos – History and Meaning


Birds have been the subject matter of tattoos dating back to when the first ancient civilizations would create body ink designs to represent their tribes. Humanity has been obsessed with everything about birds, mostly because of the traits they represent.

Small birds inspire humans to incorporate and achieve the impossible in our daily lives, and although these traits may be different for many of us, the underlying quality of the bird being free is something we all want to experience.

The bird is too beautiful to be caged, and once set free, can soar through the sky and eventually reach its full potential.

Small Bird Tattoo Meanings

Although the small bird tattoos have some meanings, the imagery is something that can be transformed and incorporated into just about any design. The birds have a connection to nature; they can also represent philosophical and spiritual content too.

Some of the more popular meanings associated with the small bird tattoo range from freedom or the ability to uninhibited, to display a sense of nobility.

Others utilize the small bird in a tattoo design to represent spiritual protection and guidance, while others associate the birds with family or motherhood.

The small bird tattoos can also be used to symbolize elegance, beauty, peace, and love. These are excellent body ink content if you are trying to portray yourself as one with keen intellect or knowledge.

History of the Small Bird Tattoos

The earliest inventors were all obsessed with one thing, the ability to get off the ground in one form or another. The ancients appreciated the fact these small birds could take flight anytime, moving across the ski uninhibited without a care in the world.

The ancients would use the small birds in tattoo designs because they felt these creatures were the connection from the living to the afterlife. In Native American mythology, the small birds were a representation of change coming.

They would get inked with the birds to show the Gods they were ready to move on to better times. The small swallows represented loyalty to the ancients, and the Egyptians would consider the small birds as a symbol of love.

Throughout history, these tiny birds represented huge beliefs, from protection, good luck, love, strength, agility, and good intentions.

Variations of the Small Bird Tattoos

The variations in which you can alter the design but keep the meaning for your small bird tattoos are numerous.

Some of the more popular variations involve awesome peacock tattoos, the best hummingbird tattoos, raven tattoos, hawk tattoos, cool duck tattoos, popular parrot tattoos, and even falcon tattoos. All of these different birds come in a variety of sizes and colors, but the underlying meaning is still intact.

The elements that you eventually choose, from feather colors, position in flight, or placement on the body, have personal meaning, but the need for freedom, to soar above your problems, and to be able to escape on a whim are characteristics that draw people to the small bird tattoos.

Others have utilized the bird in the tattoo to draw attention, then using a verse from scripture or a favorite song or saying inked right under the flying bird.

The bird is similar to a flower in the way that the colors may be diverse, but the flower itself is still symbolic of a core set of values. There are some who are dealing with a difficult battle against an illness and use the small bird tattoo to symbolize their ability to rise above the problem and soar to greater heights.

Then you have others who select the small bird in a tattoo design to represent that they have moved on past a toxic relationship or addiction and are flying far away to a new life.

Others love the connection of the birds and spirituality and ink the birds as a representation of a loved one who has passed but will travel with them in ink form forever.

Regardless of your choice of bird or their position on the body, you want to be able to soar through life with a carefree outlook on life. The small bird tattoos give you the ability to fly, no matter what your life currently represent.

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