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Unique and Diverse Meanings of the Cross Tattoos

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, cross tattoos are very popular today because of their personal and deep meanings, customizable design, and cultural significance.

The cross can easily be placed just about anywhere on the body, and depending on the size, can incorporate many unique elements that represent a huge variety of meanings, just like wooden cross tattoos.

Despite the cross having a huge connection to Christianity and other religions, the cross tattoos are beautiful, attractive, and come with a huge variety of meanings.

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Before we discuss the meanings and connection of the cross tattoo, we need to first talk about its unique history:

The History of the Cross Tattoos

The cross is a popular choice for a tattoo because it is globally recognized. Long before the cross was a representation of a religious symbol, it represented an inhuman and cruel treatment of convicts, hanging on the cross until death as a form of punishment.

Used as a tool for sanction, it was abolished by Christianity, later representing both female and male origins.

The oldest version of the cross dates back to the Celtic society, used in the 5th century to express heritage and faith.

Used mostly in Scotland and Ireland, just like four leaf clover designs, the mazes and loops that make use of the cross represent a connection of real life to the spiritual world.

Cross Tattoo Connection to Tribes

Many ancient ancestors would ink themselves with the cross to help express their respect to being with a particular tribe.

The black inked cross tattoo is the most popular, but today many people are incorporating colors that connect with their own feelings.

Gothic crosses usually incorporate dragons (dragon tattoos) and snakes (snake tattoos), expressing a darker meaning of anger or pain.

Depending on the shape and the size of the cross tattoo, it can portray strength, courage, and a deep connection to Christian faith, similar to the Virgin Mary tattoos.

Others utilize the cross tattoo to show their alliance with their own culture or family heritage or to show their love for a member of their family who has passed on, just like name tattoos or rest in peace tattoos.

Vast Meanings of Cross Tattoo Designs

Despite being deeply rooted in religious connotations, the cross tattoos can represent a variety of things to different people.

By integrating elements and symbols into the design, the cross can represent everything from the memory of a loved one, dedication, honor, the constellation, ascension, suffering, life or death.

Whether the passing of a dear friend or family member, immortalizing the dead with a cross tattoo offers peace until they meet again in the afterworld.

These symbols can be as simple as the basic cross design or as elaborate and intricate as the wearer prefers. The power of the cross connects a person with their family, or tribe, from today on.

The cross tattoo also represents for many equality and spirituality, the union of both woman and man, and worshiping a higher power.

Today many people simply choose the cross tattoo to help them to better deal with the pain of a lost love.

The cross represents for them something they want to be reminded of on a daily basis, providing them peace to make it through the rest of their journey on this Earth.

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