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Dragon Tattoos With Wild and Iconic Meanings

Dragon images have been wavering in and out of fashion for centuries, so it stands to reason that the dragon tattoos have once again grown in popularity, especially in the tattoo parlor.

Although considered to be the cool tattoo for pop culture, there is something about the dragon that draws people to it.

Dragons can be found in just about every cultural legend and myth. The dragon is universally appealing because these magical flying creatures embody the worst and the best in the human condition.

The vast symbolic meanings of the dragon tattoos have catapulted this legendary beast to immortal status with body ink lovers.

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Dragon Tattoo Meanings

The appeal of the dragon tattoos is that they represent a wide array of both positive and negative traits. The dragon is symbolic of duality, meaning with the good comes the bad, and in this case the possibilities are literally limitless.

In the East, the dragon is considered to be righteous and good. The dragon is a powerful symbol of protection, luck, and prosperity.

In the West, these same dragons are demonized. These dragons are seen as being greedy, causing chaos, and being immoral. Is it any wonder it has such a global appeal like the yin to the yang.

What the Dragon Tattoos Represent

Looking at the list of dragon tattoo representations, it will become quite obvious why it is considered to be one of the more popular designs for tattoo artists and skin ink lovers alike.

The dragon represents greed, magic, power, and duality. For those who are or have battled forces in their life, the dragon symbolizes strength, ferocity and being a warrior.

Women love the deeper associations with the dragon meanings, intellect, wisdom, fertility, happiness, immortality, and unlimited potential. Raven tattoos, jellyfish tattoos and bonsai tree tattoos are just some of designs connected with meaning of intellect and wisdom.

The list doesn’t stop here, the dragon has been connected with protection, good luck, spirituality, nonconformity, and unpredictability.

The Variations to the Dragon Tattoo Designs

If you thought that list of dragon tattoos meanings was long, it could have been bigger. The dragon symbolizes all possibility, all potential and the list is truly infinite.

Many people who choose this particular tattoo design love the idea of incorporating both the negative and positive aspects of the dragon into one design.

While for some the tattoo can represent succumbing to an addiction, it can also portray them battling, winning, and defeating this addiction in the future.

On one hand, the dragon is symbolic of a maligned creature feared by many, while they also can be honored and revered. The impartiality of the dragon resides at the center of good vs evil, similar to the meanings of libra scale tattoo.

The tattoo artists love drawing and inking the dragons because they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. To make it more colorful, besides popular black ink, they use also white ink and even gold ink.

As the protector, the large dragon can be draped over the shoulder with mouth open right near the heart.

As a reminder of battling an addition, the smaller dragon tattoo design can fly down the arm or neck, reminding the wearer they are in for a fight for the rest of their life.

Symbolism is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and it may change as the person moves into their later years.

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