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Raven Tattoos With Dark and Mysterious Meanings

On the surface, most people are quick to associate the raven with death, darkness, and ill omens. While this may be some of the associations to this mysterious bird, it is certainly not the only ones. The raven gained most of those negative associations back when they were spotted picking at the bones of human carcasses on the battlefield.

These scavengers are more than just dark creatures that feast on the dying and dead, their symbolism associated with them can be quite incredible if you are willing to give them a chance.

Let us look a little deeper at the dark associations of this clever little bird.

The Higher Attributes of the Raven

The image of the raven is hard to mistake, this black bird has been the subject matter of horror films and classic stories for ages, but make no mistake that this is one of the most intelligent birds on the planet.

The raven can actually be trained to speak, and that ability to speak works created legends of the raven being an oracle of sorts. The raven is thought of to be the harbinger of very powerful secrets, a messenger of keeping and communicating mysteries.

This is perhaps one reason so many are drawn to the raven tattoos, they symbolize a darker side, hidden secrets, having a mysterious side.

The Meanings of the Raven Tattoos

These dark birds make great designs because they are easy to recognize but so mysterious at the same time. For some, the raven tattoos are symbolic of knowing, brass, vocal, curiosity, and truthfulness.

Others appeal to the representations that the raven means being authentic, creative, mysterious, and insightful. For such a simple creature that has long been associated with darkness and evil, the raven is also unpredictable, unconventional, and extremely intelligent.

If any of or all of these associations appeal to you, the raven is the perfect subject matter for your ink design. The raven was seen as a hero for Native American tribes, and its mystery and attraction only grew.

The Ravens Through History

One only needs to look to the ancient Romans and Greeks for even more unique representations concerning the raven. Despite the fact that this bird has only jet black feathers, this creature was considered by those ancient cultures as being a solar animal.

This is quite the contrast to what people think of the raven today. Back then, the raven was associated with Apollo and Athena, each having a close association with the light of wisdom, the sun.

According to Roman mythology, the raven was said to once have been completely white in color. The raven was thought to be unable to keep secrets, so Apollo decides to turn the white feathers to black because the raven divulged more than its share of secrets.

Some believe that the raven has black feathers as a result of the sorrow it felt for mankind as floodwaters took over the ark. Despite the myths and lore, today the raven is a dark, clever, mysterious, and intelligent creature that makes for amazing subject matter if you connect with any of those attributes.

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