Consider Getting These Tattoos That Symbolize Strength

When you decide that you are going to permanently ink your body with skin art using black ink, you want to go with something that best represents who you are today or where you will be in the future.

The tattoos that symbolize strength are extremely popular because there are so many unique ways to symbolize strength in art.

Be careful to put some serious thought into your new tattoo design when it comes to strength because passing trends can mean one thing today and another years from now.

Here are some great ideas for tattoos that symbolize strength that are full of resilience and empowerment.

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1. Last to Fall Quotes

Choosing the right quote can be a great way to portray strength, but it goes much further.

When you ink your favorite empowering quote on your body it acts like an affirmation that you can see and read to yourself daily to reinforce that behavior, just like tattoos with names remind you of your special person.

Whether you fail to quit or will push on through any challenge, the right quote can be an excellent way to portray strength.

2. The Snake Tattoos

The snake is one creature that will not only fight to the death, it can often be stronger than a creature ten times larger than itself.

The snake will not only represent power, it tends to strike fear into the eyes of those who come face to face with the serpent. Most popular designs include “regular” snake tattoo and rattlesnake tattoo.

3. The Pulse Tattoo

Just like the pulse waves you see on heart machines, the pulse tattoo with the word strength printed out at the end of the line is extremely popular right now.

It tells the world that strength is part of your DNA, it is triggered with every beat of your heart.

4. The Anchor Tattoo

The anchor can hold the ship steady even in the most challenging storms. The anchor is an ideal tattoo for representing strength because regardless what is going on in your world, the anchor will keep you grounded and allow you to play another day.

5. The Hammer and Sickle Tattoo

Now although this hammer and sickle symbol is associated with communism, that unwanted attention should only motivate you more to get this ink art.

The hammer and sickle symbolized strength in the working class long before it got associated with communism.

6. The Fist Tattoo

The fist rising up from the chest and bursting out of the flesh symbolizes the power, strength, and resiliency to stand up to what you believe in regardless of your surroundings represent.

7. The Viking Compass Tattoo

The Vikings used their compass to travel the dangerous seas to conquer, and they conquered every civilization they encountered. Compass tattoos and designs are globally recognized and inked by many people.

The Vikings portrayed strength in every aspect of their lives, from their appearance, their drive, their will, and their commitment to their beliefs.

8. The Owl Tattoo

When you know you have wisdom, you have the power to change the world. The owl represents wisdom and whether it is small and perched on a branch or flying with its prey in its claws, the owl tattoo screams power.

9. Heritage Tattoos

Utilizing heritage tattoos both pay tribute to your ancestors and shows the power they had to survive the challenges they faced, similar to the Irish tattoos and Indian tattoos.

This tattoo tells those around you that you will endure through any challenges just like those of your heritage centuries ago.

Regardless the design, tattoos that symbolize strength will always be in style because they connect with the wearer in ways many people can not understand. That personal connection drives a person to great things in their life.

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