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Heartbeat Line Tattoo With Deep Connections and Meanings


The heart beat tattoo, also referred to as the EKG line tattoo, looks exactly like the little monitor with the irregular line bouncing up and down you see while hooked up to a heart monitor. That line needs to be bouncing to sustain life, a flat line means you have officially checked-out of this world. These tattoos are symbolic of the preciousness of life, and many find great appeal in recognizing that emotional moment and having it permanently inked on their bodies.

This tattoo design can be used in remembrance of a loved one, a reminder death is a heartbeat away, or in celebration of something special.

Variations of the Heart Beat Tattoo

This is really one of the more basic tattoo designs, a simple wavy line that is easily recognized for what it is. Many body ink lovers like to add a unique phrase or text after the EKG line that has some type of inspirational or sentimental meaning they connect with.

This is a popular choice for those who have had a near-death experience and would like to remind themselves each heart beat from here out is a blessing. Others choose the heart beat tattoo to convey that their heart beats for one special person. Getting inked with the phrase, “With every heart beat,” conveys this person loves someone with every beat of their heart.

Personalizing the Heart Beat

The heart beat tattoo is easy to personalize because it basically is one black fine line of ink usually on the wrist or arms. Some choose to add a small red heart to the design to make it more predominant.

Others shorten the heart beat line so it can easily fit on the wrist and is only noticeable at a passing glance, yet can be easily covered up with long sleeve clothing. Some choose to incorporate birth dates or names into the design, signifying an emotional attachment to this person whether alive or passed on.

The Meanings of the Heart Beat Line

While many associate the heart beat tattoo with renewed life, others look at it like the clock is ticking. Time is running out for some, and they use this design to remind them to take advantage of every day they have and make the most of opportunities while they last.

This tattoo symbolizes life, love, passion, power, strength, endurance, persistence, and the ability to keep on moving forward regardless the mountains or troubles ahead or behind.

While simply in design, the meanings associated with the heart beat line in a tattoo design are quite personal and complicated.

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