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22 Snake Tattoos With Impressive Meanings

The snake tattoo has been a favorite dating back to when this tattoo first gained popularity. The snake tattoo represents a unique diversity that appeals to many people who love skin art.

While the snake is feared by most animals and even man, it has become one of the more popular tattoo ideas because of the powerful traits the serpentine possesses.

Let’s look back at the beginning to see what makes the snake tattoo so revered and so loved at the same time.

The Ancient Association to the Snake

Native Americans, the Chinese, and Africans, all associated the snake with life giving water. The snake was therefore closely associated with healing, purifying, and cleansing.

The ancient Greeks would look upon the snake as their symbol of healing and health, as Asclepius would adorn his staff with the serpent to signify healing, medicine, and being able to grant regenerative powers.

The snake tattoo for many represents new beginnings, a rebirth, an awakening, similar to how the snake sheds its skin and begins anew.

The Power of the Snake

Many of the unique qualities of the snake appeal to the masses in their skin art. The snake is an ambush predator, meaning it carefully and slowly calculates the prey, takes its time gathering information, then moving in to swallow the competition whole.

This not only appeals to those in the military with a take no prisoners mentality, it is ideal for those in business who are slowly moving to the top at their own pace.

The snake tattoo also represents for many having defeated an addiction, and now conquering the world.

The snake tattoo can represent birth, magic, renewal, defense, mystery, and especially protection. The wrapping of the serpentine around a precious item or even words symbolizes an undying effort to protect at all costs.

The Positive Nature of the Snake

While many are simply terrified at the thought of seeing a snake, it does possess some incredible traits that appeal to people who love tattoos.

Besides being able to creatively wrap the snake around body parts, the shape and colors can be quite beautiful, similar to the peacock tattoos.

For many the snake tattoo represents finding inner balance in their life. The snake represents a transition in one’s life, having left behind the shredded skin of an old relationship, addiction, career, or belief that no longer holds any importance to a person.

The snake is a protective symbol for others, often depicted in tattoos in funerary art guarding over a burial site.

The snake is the protector of abstruse mysteries, having magical powers that appeal to many. Some refer to their snake tattoos for its association with infinity, transition, fertility, sexuality, transformation, or hidden secrets.

There is no mistake that the snake and tattoos can be quite intimidating for many. That makes it the perfect art for guarding secrets or keeping their true identities safely hidden below the surface where no one dares to look.

The snake is recognized as a shifter, and as one’s life and surrounds shift, the snake tattoo will shift with the person as they make their journey through this life.

If you are interested in starting a tattoo career, be sure to get tattoo practice skin or even whole tattoo start kit.

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