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21 Peacock Tattoos With Unique Meanings

The peacock is a majestic bird with a colorful array of feathers that looks extremely appealing when done right with a tattoo.

In addition to the fact the peacock is visually appealing, it possesses qualities that have a broad appeal across the masses. When the peacock is fanning their feathers, the radiant blue colors and distinct variation of colors represent a different peacock tattoo meaning for everyone.

Possessing qualities that appeal to both men and women, transforming the design with a fun and vibrant colors can really help to drive the point home this person is trying to get across.

The Traditional Meaning of the Peacock

The striking impressive features of the peacock make it an ideal candidate for those who love their body ink to scream they are a marvelous unique specimen and not afraid to show off.

In ancient Chinese tradition, the peacock represents royalty and nobility, an emblem that signifies rank and extremely high status in that society.

In the military, the feathers of the peacock were given to those servicemen for being recognized as providing impeccable service and deserving honorable mention in their military positions.

The ancient Chinese would create beautiful peacock emblems and badges that were given to those in high office or at the top of the military chain.

The Divine Peacock Meaning

In Buddhism, the peacock in fact, holds a very symbolic relationship with followers. The peacock represents expansive consciousness, encompassing all the qualities of the compassionate goddess Kuan-Yin. Take a close look at the feathers of the peacock and you will notice little distinctions that resemble eyes.

These eyes represent in Buddhist culture a watchfulness concept, or what is better known as the omniscient essence of a person’s soul. That watching appeal also has deep roots in Christianity as well, which represent the eyes of the church, Lord, God, Jesus, over the faithful.

In many Christian societies, the peacock is a symbol of resurrection and immortality, similar to that of the phoenix symbol.

The Peacock Tattoo Meaning Today

One of the reasons the peacock tattoo has such a wide appeal is the numerous meanings associated with this animal. The peacock represents for many a status symbol of pride, showing off those big colorful features to mark territory and attract the opposite sex too.

This stunningly beautiful creature can represent love, pride, and luxury, or a desire to have the beautiful things in life.

The peacock can symbolize royalty, vitality, nobility, and especially sexuality. The bigger and more colorful the tattoo design, the more importance can be placed on generosity, longevity, compassion, and immortality.

The watchfulness of this majestic bird has deep roots in the family and dates back several centuries in a variety of religions.

Those who are into skin art love the ability to get completely creative with the design and the peacock tattoo meaning. This solar bird can represent life, health, glory, radiance, and vitality.

The unique color combinations of the peacock allow the wearer to incorporate many of their favorite colors to complement the representations that they closely associate this tattoo with.

Peacock Tattoo Gallery

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