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Irish Tattoos With Unique and Traditional Meanings

Irish tattoos are some of the most easily recognized designs because even those who are not Irish can relate to many of the symbols.

Whether it is a colorful knot-work design, bold shamrocks, or a Celtic cross, this can be one of the most meaningful tattoo designs you ever get. Not only are these designs popular with men and women, they look amazing on just about any part of the body.

Here are some creative Irish tattoos that should inspire you to come up a unique twist to really make it your own.

The shamrock is by far the most recognized of all the Irish tattoos. Some refer to them as the four-leaf clover, and all instantly know that this is a symbol for wealth, good luck, and fortune.

Whether or not you have Irish family ties, the shamrock is a great tattoo design for those who need that little extra luck around them at all times. These designs look great on men as a full bold shoulder design, or scaled down to a single flower on her wrist or bikini line.

The Irish Celtic tattoo allows the wearer to really take things to a different level. Symbolic of Irish heritage, prestige, and power, these designs could be a drawn a number of ways.

The Celtic cross is simple in concept, yet can be inked with a lot of intricate lines throughout to make it appear like it is jumping off the body. This is a great way to show your pride in your Irish blood or to symbolize a connection with your ancestors.

Many people today are combining several different traditional Irish symbols into one, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Some choose to use the knot-work in the shape of the cross or shamrock, while others use the tiny shamrocks to create one large cross.

These knot-work patterns can also be used to incorporate other personal symbols in the design. For example, a person with a connection to turtles have the shell inked with a criss-cross knot-work design that combines their love of two in one.

One other very popular and easily recognized design is the Irish Leprechaun tattoo. This little fellow can be a joyful little elf leading you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or an evil entity drawn with weapons and that evil smile that represents something sinister just under the surface.

The fun thing about the Irish Leprechaun tattoo is that you can have it drawn like a silly cartoon character or an evil character from the movies.

A string of tiny shamrocks, each with words of inspiration inked on them reminds the wearer each day of their heritage and their passion. Perhaps the shamrocks can read live, love, and laugh, or possibly luck of the Irish.

This can also serve as a memorial to a loved one of Irish heritage that has passed. The possibility with these symbols and designs are abundant, and they can certainly become the focal point of any design concept.

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