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15 Owl Tattoo With Positive Meanings

Of all the popular tattoo concepts, the owl might have the most mysterious of them all. The owl tattoo is considered to be popular for both women and men because it is both stylish and has significant symbolism connected with it.

Depending on the meaning you attach to your owl tattoo, the connotations can be linked to many mystical and endearing qualities. The Egyptians, Hindus, and Celtics, regard the owl as an intelligent, wise, and complicated creature.

Similar to the ability to hide out of sight during the day, the owl tattoo represents both a great search and a complicated struggle to find oneself.

The Dark Side of the Owl

While many see the owl tattoo as a representation of mystery and wisdom, it is important that you understand this creature does also represent a very dark side. Considered the symbol of death in many cultures, the owl has an association as the guardian and protector of the dead.

Referred to as the “Angel of Death”, many people believe that the owl has the ability to communicate with those who have long since passed on.

Being able to communicate with the underground world is a terrifying concept for many people, and the symbols linked to this association in the owl tattoo are an acquired taste.

The Popularity of the Owl

Dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks, the owl has been regarded as a holy creature. Connected with the goddess Athena, the owl tattoo can represent a degree of holiness, or godlike qualities.

The Hindu religion associate owls with the goddess Laxmith, believing she was carried across the heavens by a large owl. This association to the meaning of affluence is a very appealing connection many consider when choosing the owl for their tattoo design.

Others see the owl as a representation of vision and freedom, being able to up and fly anywhere at anytime. This connection to freedom links the person and the owl together, whether through a representation of flapping wings or flying high above the Earth.

Carefully Consider the Meaning of the Owl

The owl tattoo is a very popular choice for people because of the huge amount of positive meanings associated with the owl. In addition to wealth, protection, and knowledge, the owl tattoo is an excellent representation of the sign of independence.

Those who feel they are more wise or embody unique visions of the world incorporate the owl into their tattoo artwork. Mystery, secretiveness, protection, and transition, all symbolic meanings that can be utilized in the owl tattoo. Barn owls typically mean mysterious, where the snow owl is a symbol of dignity and elegance.

When considering your owl tattoo, remember that although many see this night creature as a symbol of death, it does have several endearing qualities like illumination and knowledge, being able to guide humanity through the unknown and into greatness.

It has become popular lately to incorporate two meanings into one design, allowing one to see the positive and dark side of this creature. This is what endears this mysterious animal to many considering a unique tattoo that expresses the hidden traits as well as the obvious.

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