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19 Bonsai Tree Tattoos With Cultural and Diverse Meanings


While the Bonsai tree tattoo can be representative of many meanings for the wearer, it has always been deeply rooted with peace. As related to the Zen Buddhism, this peaceful tree can also be symbolic of beauty and truth. This tattoo design is globally recognized, and unlike the family tree tattoo that is associated with the generations of family, the Bonsai tree tattoo stems from everything peace related in nature.

These are some of the reasons the Bonsai tree tattoo has become one of the more popular body ink design choices for both men and women of all ages.

The Connection to Calmness

The world today is moving at break-neck speeds. Everyone is in such a hurry, technology is advancing at record paces, and much of the world of yesteryear is fast becoming but just a memory. The Bonsai tree tattoo can be symbolic of meditation, the ability to step back and take a deep breath in and relax in your own skin.

This tattoo reminds the wearer that they do not have to be moving so quickly all the time, they can stop and smell the roses, focusing on meditation which brings in goodness and balance in their life. Those who own small Bonsai trees get inked to keep them reminded that they need to take today one moment at a time.

Understanding The Bonsai Design

Anyone who owns a Bonsai tree knows that caring for this particular tree is certainly a labor of love. The care it takes to keep the tree growing is something many people associate with the Bonsai tree tattoo. In order for this tree to flourish, a person needs to painstakingly trim and trim and clip and cut these branches each day until the tree begins to grow in the desired shape.

These trees are symbolic with wisdom, patience, family, and prosperity. Caring for a tree of this nature not only takes commitment, it takes a great deal of care. Getting inked with the Bonsai tree allows you to harness all the positive attributes associated with caring for the tree.

The Symbolic Bonsai Tree

The popularity of the Bonsai tree is dated back to the 17th century where Chinese monks and Japanese emperors would take a great interest in this tree. The tree has long been popular with many of those in position of power, and those same attributes today make it an appealing choice for a tattoo design.

The Bonsai tree tattoo is representative of a person who has strong beliefs, is deeply rooted and stable, who can bend from outside forces but never break, looking beautiful regardless of any other factors. These designs can be quite colorful for some, while a black ink design is just as beautiful in its own way.

If you are looking for a tattoo design tat showcases your ability to stand stall in the face of adversity, the Bonsai tree tattoo is the perfect body ink for you. This tree looks great on the shoulder, chest, back, arms, and even the finger, and it can be utilized as a grounding point for many.

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