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16 Cute & Cuddly Teddy Bear Tattoos And Meanings


There is something about a teddy bear that makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Imagine having that feeling all the time when you glance down at your own teddy bear tattoos. Not only can you design your own bear from memories of stuffed animals in your youth, you have the ability to take things to the extreme and customize your bear to be a zombie if you like.

Here are some of the reasons the teddy bear tattoos are exploding in popularity.

Cute Cuddly Little Bears

There really is something perfectly furry, soft, and adorable about stuffed teddy bears. Most people can remember hugging one to help them sleep or to provide comfort for those who lost a loved one. Getting a cute teddy bear tattoo gives the wearer a feeling of safety, comfort, content, and familiarity. When things are not going well, looking at the teddy bear can turn that frown upside-down. These tattoos are representative of friendship, love, and kindness.

Preserving the Loss of a Child

Many folks who want to memorialize the loss of a child will get inked with the image of a teddy bear that has the child’s name somewhere in the design. Not only will this person have a daily reminder of the best of that child, it just has that loving and warm feeling that can help get through challenging days. Rather than remember the child with an angel or gravestone, the teddy bear tattoos speak to the gentle, innocent, kind, and pure spirit of the child.

Variations of the Teddy Bear Tattoo

That teddy bear tattoo seems to be saying, “Everything’s gonna be all right”, like the lyrics in the famous Bob Marley song. Here are just a few creative ways people are wearing this little bear tattoo that seems to be bucking the trends.

The Sports Bear – Many women who are sports fans have found a creative way to represent the team. These gals don’t have to be fans of the Chicago Cubs, a teddy bear tattoo can be dressed in the jersey of any baseball, football, hockey, or a basketball jersey. These tattoos symbolize allegiance, team pride, and strength in numbers.

The Zombie Bear – With the popularity of all those walking dead movies and television shows, is it any wonder the cute teddy bear has undergone a complete transformation in tattoo form. The teddy bear tattoos with missing eyes, stitches in the arms and legs, and guts hanging out is symbolic of a love for the dark side, creative spirit, and a bit of a wild child.

Teddy Bear Love – Couples getting married or just married can get the two teddy bears in a heart to symbolize their love for one another. These tattoos with two pairs represent love, friendship, passion, commitment, and an unbreakable union.

With the teddy bear tattoos, there really is no limit to the possibilities for customizing the design and making the body ink all your own. Although they reveal this person has a soft side they might not let everyone see, it also reminds the wearer to not take themselves too serious.

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