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19 White Ink Tattoos With Unique and Distinct Meanings

If you are not familiar yet with the white ink tattoos, the following information will provide you everything you need to know about this very unique type of body art.

These are not your traditional tattoos by any means, and knowing the differences will put you in the best position to choose the right design for you.

Before you simply rush to your local tattoo parlor and ask for a white ink tattoo, the following information will delve into the different skill set required to produce these distinct designs, the best skin type, and the pitfalls associated with getting this one-of-a-kind skin art.

Understanding the White Ink Tattoos

The first thing that is probably the biggest difference between traditional and white tattoos, there is no stenciling and outlining of the image or design in black.

The white tattoos are completely done using only white ink, leaving a ghostly image on the surface of the skin that is easily recognized as something quite different.

These unique tattoos look like scarification or brands and appear very subtle on the skin. This is a great alternative for the person looking to get inked but not wanted to have something that draws too much attention.

The white ink that is used during this process is not the ink used for traditional tattoos, it has a thicker and higher quality made specifically to stand out on its own.

The Skill of the Tattoo Artist

Due to the very specific process needed to create the perfect white tattoo, only specialized tattoo artists are qualified to pull off this very distinct type work.

Although a stencil can be used or the artist can work freehand, the ink for the stencil and the ink for the design must not be mixed or it will dull the brightness of the ink.

The white tattoo does require several passes over the skin before it fully sinks in, this color is not easily absorbed like that of black or colored inks.

The artist must have a high degree of artistic skill, this is something usually out of the realm of the inexperienced artist.

The professional can apply just the right outline and then add the white ink without any risk of the pigments causing discoloration. In this instance, the tattoo needle is first filled with water and draws blood where the design will pass on the skin.

This process requires extreme accuracy, incredible precision, and stunning freehand drawing capability.

Benefits of the White Ink Tattoos

The first benefit is the white ink tattoo is you get to enjoy having your body inked without the loud colors traditionally used in the majority of tattoos. This allows someone who wants a tattoo but doesn’t want the world to know or see it so easily.

This can also benefit the person who has to conceal their body art due to the work environment. The white ink tattoo is very easy to keep from view, and the simple designs really have a big impact being all in white.

People who often get their tattoo in white ink are not looking to show off their art to the world, they have an inner connection that they want to be reminded of subtly each time they see the tattoo.

Having huge angel wings tattoo across the back where no one can see is about a connection with the afterlife and having this connection with a higher spirit, freedom, and the power to survive.

Designs That are Popular in White Ink

The most popular designs used for this particular ink color are geometric patterns, small open hearts designs, stars, name tattoos, flowers, spirals, and the signs of the horoscope.

Words that have a very deep connection to the individual are popular for those romantics who live by those words on a daily basis, so are individual names, initials, specific dates, and even angel wings.

Unlike tattoo designs that fall out of popularity in time, white ink text and meaningful symbols remain like a personal credo stamped in place for the rest of time.

Take a look at how many celebrities have taken a liking to this unique tattoo style. Kate Moss has a fun series of white hearts running up the side of her body, while Lindsay Lohan has the word “breathe” inked on the inside of her wrist.

Concerns with the White Ink

As attractive and unique that the white ink tattoos are, it is important to note that there are a few issues you need to be made familiar with.

Although the white ink is gaining popularity in many professional tattoo shops in their popular tattoo starter kits, knowing everything good and bad about this ink choice will help you make that informed decision whether this is truly the ink choice for you.

People with darker skin tones should avoid the white ink because it cannot absorb enough into the skin for it to appear very bright on the skin.

There are some people who also have skin reactions to the white ink, where areas of the skin will swell, become itchy, and can ooze from that tattoo.

This is an indication the skin is rejecting the ink color, so having a small section in an inconspicuous place first to see how the skin reacts is recommended.

The Placement of the White Ink Tattoo

Unlike traditional tattoos that can be placed just about anywhere ion the body, the white ink tattoos require some serious consideration before getting inked up.

The white ink should not be in a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight because it can dull easily.

There are also some household chemicals that could have a reaction with the tattoo and cause it to change color. For this reason, placing the tattoo on a part of the body that is covered is recommended.

The ideal location for a tattoo of this type would be the chest, underside of the arm, or the back. The white ink tattoos are not good for exposed parts of the body like hands, face, or neck.

The white ink tattoos are all about making a personal statement in a subtle way. The main point here is this is a tattoo style that is special for the person wearing it, not something they want to show off to the world.

Since they are very difficult to spot in the first place, you may be the only one who ever knows you even have it on your body. This extremely meaningful tattoo can reflect your unique personality or be that statement of your personals mantra.

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