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Open Heart Tattoos and Their Unique Meanings

Unlike the traditional heart tattoos, the open heart is a somewhat new design style that really opens the door to a number of new distinct meanings. Popularized by a recent celebrity jewelry collection, the open heart tattoos give you the opportunity to create a permanent reminder on your body of the love you feel for another. One of the unique features of this particular design is it can be altered slightly to take on new meanings.

Here is everything that you need to know about the open heart tattoos.

A Connection to Your Love

Traditionally the single heart can be used to express love to a person, pet, place or thing, and the design is pretty straight-forward. The open heart tattoos come in one of two distinct shapes.

Either the one heart is drawn with a small opening near the bottom or the bottom swings down and creates another upside-down open heart, looking like a broken infinity symbol.

Within the heart or hearts, you can ink the name of a soul mate, child, or loved one who has passed. Anyone that you have an eternal connection to could be inked inside the heart outline, representing undying love, friendship, passion, devotion, and connection.

The Infinity Heart

When you turn the open heart tattoos on the side and connect two together, it creates the shape of the infinity. Even though the two hearts have slight openings, the concept is still understood.

The symbolic nature of turning the open hearts on the side in this manner represents a love that goes on forever. This can be the love of a partner, of a parent, a child, or a loved one who has passed.

These open heart tattoos are a great way to demonstrate your love in a way that is a constant reminder each time you see it. Having the infinity symbol with a hearts with a break in the middle looks especially eye-catching when done in black and the heart filled in red.

The Metamorphosis

Another unique way to ink the open heart tattoos is to turn them sideways and have them resemble the wings of the butterfly. Now in addition to love, you incorporate whole new meaning.

This creative design could be indicative of how this love made you a new person or signifies personal growth through this love. The design may be personalized any way you want, and just like the butterfly, the more colors the more vibrant the appearance.

Butterfly hearts are used to create elaborate patterns across the back or along the side of the torso. By adding vibrantly colorful hearts among the butterfly, you expand upon the deep meaning.

The Meanings of Open Heart Tattoos

The reason the open heart tattoos are exploding in popularity this year is due to the fact the meanings can be quite diverse. On a traditional note, the tattoo symbolizes best friends, love, marriage, sisterhood, stability, and remembrance.

Deeper meanings to the heart design range from hope, passion, adoration, perseverance, unity, and trust. Whether you want to associate your open heart tattoos with being trapped, suffering, or pain, or whether you go with spirituality, faith, and healing, you are right in all cases.

The open heart tattoos are a modern twist on a traditional design that gives you the ability to make this tattoo all your own.

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