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41 Virgin Mary Tattoos With Religious Connections and Meanings

One of the most popular tattoo designs in many different cultures is the Virgin Mary. This is one design that is easily recognized globally and allows the wearer to portray their love for their faith in a way that connects with them on a spiritual level.

While early on this was a popular design style for women who wanted to express their femininity, today men utilize the design to memorialize a loved one or their connection with their own mother.

Let’s take a deeper look into the popularity and spiritual connection of the Virgin Mary tattoos.

The Virgin Mary Tattoos in History

Some of the very first recorded references to the Virgin Mary tattoos were used by seafarers. These men were often heading out into uncharted waters and not sure what the outcome would be, so they got inked with the Virgin Mary tattoos as a reminder of their mother, wife, or sweethearts back home.

Others chose this tattoo design to remind themselves to remain virtuous, strong, and committed, despite the seas being dangerous and treacherous.

To these travelers of the sea, the Virgin Mary tattoos were symbolic of a wonderful life that was left behind and also an amulet that offered protection and safe travels.

The Meanings of the Virgin Mary Tattoo

To those who have a more religious connection with their tattoo design, the Virgin Mary speaks to these ink wearers on a completely different plain.

This religious drawing is representative of hope in troubled times, unconditional love, and also for consolation to those seeking help from above.

Basically, the Virgin Mary tattoos are symbolic of the mother we all have and that desire to connect with her and seek her out for comfort and guidance when needed. The tattoo can be used as a reminder to always perform in a way that makes a mother proud, or as a remembrance for a mother or loved one who has passed.

Christianity and the Virgin Mary

For Christians especially, the Virgin Mary has always held a special place in their hearts. She is recognized globally by Christians as a pillar of female strength, someone with abundant compassion, the ultimate symbol of feminine divinity.

Today many ink lovers use the Virgin Mary as the focal point of their own tattoos, with her weeping, cradling her dying son, or at the feet of the cross where Jesus was killed.

Many people connect with the symbolism of the Virgin Mary, someone who has forgiveness in their heart, a person who is willing to dedicate their lives for what they believe, and a person who performs miracles for those who believe.

People who get inked with the Virgin Mary tattoo may do so because something miraculous has happened in their life and they want to pay tribute. Others make use of the design to remind them of their loved one who has passed on and is now in the protective arms of the Virgin Mary.

This is a design concept that allows the wearer to be completely creative, incorporating angels, other religious symbols, or Jesus Christ, to drive home a deeper connection and association.

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