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Wooden Cross Tattoos With Various Meanings

On the surface, the wooden cross tattoos are usually thought of as only having religious connotations. The truth of the matter is that the wooden cross used in a tattoo design does have very deep and personal meaning to people.

The attraction to this particular tattoo design is in the fact that it is easily customized. This is one of those designs that is popular with both women and men, and it looks incredible on just about any area of the body.

Here are just a few of the reasons why the wooden cross tattoos are one of the most popular ink designs.

Popularity of the Wooden Cross

The wooden cross tattoos are one of the most easily recognized symbols because of its religious connections dating back centuries. These designs can be used as a connection to your faith or to memorialize the passing of a loved one.

Not only do they look amazing in any size on any part of the body, you have the ability to include other elements to further enhance the overall design.

Incorporating doves, thorns, or flowers into the design, slightly changes the meanings and makes it more personal for the wearer.

Connection to Christianity

The most common association to the wooden cross is that it represents Christianity or the Catholic faith. The Christian faith holds the wooden cross in very high regard because it is considered to be the foundation of the entire faith.

Jesus was crucified on the cross, then rose from the dead, and today that cross is symbolic of a connection to this faith.

While the cross is usually simple in design and can be inked in a number of colors, the basic premise for the shape is consistent among various tattoos.

Meanings of the Wooden Cross Tattoo

Although the majority of connections to the wooden cross have religious connotations, there are a growing number of other meanings that have further increased the popularity of the wooden cross tattoos.

Adding personal touches and other embellishments can further enhance the overall meanings, and here are just some of the more popular associations. The wooden cross tattoos are representative of someone who possesses great courage, strength, and dedication.

The cross can also be symbolic of honor, suffering, life, and death. In the Goth culture, the cross tattoo can mean worship, equality, spirituality, and power.

Tribute to a Loved One

Perhaps one of the most popular uses for the wooden cross tattoos is to memorialize a loved one. The person getting the ink does not even have to be of a certain religious belief, it can just be symbolic of the passing of someone who you want to remember in a specific way.

These tattoos represent peace for some, while others see it more as suffering in pain at the loss of their loved one. Adding the name of the deceased on the cross, or having angels in the background only enhance the imagery.

The wooden cross tattoos are the perfect design choice if you want to express your faith, loss of a loved one, or your courage and strength.

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