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Scary Horror Tattoos With Huge Variety in Meanings

Make no mistake about it, the horror genre has come a long way since the early 1900’s. Back only a hundred years ago or so, horror was depicted in literature and just getting its break in a motion picture, but the content was limited to vampires, werewolves, and creatures from the dark lagoon.

No one back then could have imagined how the horror niche was going to explode in popularity, to the point that on any given night you can find scary movies marathons of all sorts at your fingertips.

The reason horror tattoos today are all the rage is because you have a huge array of material to choose from, and you can easily alter the meanings with different embellishments.

Throwback to the Classics

A popular way to get your horror tattoos inked is simply going with the classics. You can not go wrong when you get a full-size design of Frankenstein, the Mummy, Dracula, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

These designs are instantly recognized, you will never have someone glancing at them and mistaking them for anything but what they are.

One of the ways that you can modernize a classic is by simply bringing in some of the cool horror standards, like a shotgun blast to the face, or using modern weapons of mass destruction to try and take down the focal point of your design to no avail.

The Modern Horror Genre

Today, horror is everywhere you look. The entire month of October is dedicated to classic horror shows and motion pictures, and you couldn’t watch them all if you had a dozen months to do it.

The horror tattoos of today make use of Michael Myers, Chucky, Jason, or any of the characters from the Walking Dead. Some choose to ink with both modern and classic characters, others tend to go the more gruesome route, by having the character cut away at the skin or covered in blood.

These scary characters are representative of someone who is not afraid of anything, in fact, they seem to thrive on getting a reaction from others.

The More the Better

When it comes to the horror tattoos, more is definitely better. Full sleeve tattoos that depict scenes from horror classics really show your commitment to everything scary, and whether it is a scene right from the Walking Dead, Norman peeking out a window from the Bates Motel, or Leather Face standing in the doorway, you are going to get chills each time you take a look at the design.

Some choose to show zombies attacking while being destroyed by bullets from a huge shotgun, while others go for the more ghoulish, having the zombies gnawing on the skin to reveal the bones beneath.

If you are into horror films, there really is no wrong way to get inked. Perhaps you start small with the mask from Friday the 13th, or Freddy and his hands of sharp blades. With so many characters that are globally recognized to choose from, you are definitely going to achieve shock value no matter which way you lean.

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