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Cherry Tattoos With Sweet and Sensual Meanings

On the surface, the cherry tattoos might look all sweet and innocent, but to the wearer, these little symbols are packed with sexuality and desire.

The deep red color is symbolic of lust, while the cherry itself represents femininity. Depending on the placement of this tattoo design, it can alter the meaning significantly.

The cherry tattoos have been popular for many years, but today they enjoy a unique resurgence because they allow you to express your passion right there in the open.

The Cheery Through History

Perhaps no other culture has such a deep connection to the cherry than Asia. Considered to be one of the oldest of all cultivated trees, the cherry tree is actually part of the rose family.

Dating back to 300 BC, the cherry tree has been revered for its delicious fruit and its beauty. The cheery is the favorite fruit of Greek Gods, they were eaten as fruits but the sauces were used as toppings or to make wine.

In Chinese culture, the cherry is symbolic of the Samurai. Both Japanese and Chinese cultures celebrate the cherry tree in annual festivals.

Cherry Tattoo Meanings

On the surface, the cherry tattoos are ripe with strong sexual symbolism. Everything about this fruit is juicy, rich, delicious, ripe, and ready to be picked.

The cherry is symbolic of intensity, passion, and love. The cherry itself can look like the lips of a lover, and this erotic connection is something that can be incorporated into the unique design.

Just like the fruit is used to attract birds to the tree, so the tattoo to attract a lover, draw in the eyes, or let the world know that this person has an erotic nature that can not be contained.

Placement of the Cherry Tattoo

Depending on where on the body you get the cherry tattoos, the association and meanings vary. Those who get the cherry inked on their forearm are more reserved, innocent, and do not display their sexuality for all to see.

On the other hand, getting the cherry inked on the hip or breast is symbolic of someone who has a wild side, unbridled sexual vibe, someone who is all about passion and not afraid to use what they have to get what they want.

Tattoo Design Varieties

The cherry can be used to represent a number of different things, from the symbol in a slot machine for Lady Luck, or as one of the purest fruits or symbolic of feminine chastity. The taste of the cherry is unique, and placing it near the breast or groin brings yet an entirely different sexual meaning.

This person could be ripe for the pickings or has a sexual appetite that is unquenchable. Surrounding the cherry with flames represents passion, desire, and lust.

One way to make the design completely unique is to add a banner with certain text that really connects the art with the wearer. For that wild child, the words “bite me” seem appropriate.

For those who have a gambling nature, the word “lucky” seems to work. Then again, those who ooze sexuality feel right at home with the word “yummy” next to their cherry tattoo.

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