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42 Parrot Tattoos With Exotic and Symbolic Meanings

The parrot tattoos give the wearer the opportunity to show off their own uniqueness or secretive side in a colorful manner. These symbolic creatures are considered highly respected in many cultures, and their symbolism is as diverse as the unique color combinations of their feathers.

The parrot for some can be representative of wanting to fly away, while others appreciate their beautiful sounds and songs.

Let us consider everything from the parrot’s loyalty and camaraderie to the fact they thrive in a flock and definitely play well with others.

History and the Colorful Parrot

Due to the amazing color combinations of the feathers of this bird, many ancient societies held the parrot in the highest regard. The parrots served as an important symbol in a number of cultures.

Take for one, the parrots’ affinity for sound and their unique ability to mimic the sound of the human voice makes them the symbol for communication in several cultures. In the Hindu culture, the parrot is symbolic of love and courtship.

In Native American culture, Hopi people believe that the parrot symbolizes abundance. Parrots are usually found in the tropics like the Amazon, and symbolize the habitats of the rainforest.

Choosing these amazing colorful birds as a tattoo design can represent an affinity for environmentalism or the concern for issues like deforestation or global warming.

Parrot Tattoos and Their Unique Meanings

While the colors of the parrots can be as unique as a human fingerprint, the diverse meanings behind these incredible colorful birds connect with many body ink lovers. These parrot tattoos can be representative of human compassion, communication, and the freedom of adventure.

These birds are symbolic of loyalty, love, courtship, abundance, prosperity, uniqueness, and boldness.

One of the appealing features of the parrot tattoos is that it looks great on men and women, on the shoulder, arm, legs, chest, or back. The color combination you choose for your design speaks volumes to your creativity, your boldness, and your own personality.

Parrot Tattoos and Variations

The parrot tattoo design can be drawn in a variety of ways, each with its own unique symbolism. Having the parrot tattooed on a totem design links its meaning to Native American culture or a person’s own heritage.

Pairing the pirate with the parrot symbolizes freedom of adventure, living fast, dying young, or simply for an affinity for the legends associated with piracy.

Then we have the lovebirds, two parrots on a perch with hearts in the background, symbolic of courtship and love, intelligence and communication, and fun and friendship. Others appreciate the fact this amazing bird can live longer than its owners, a representation of longevity, persistence, and durability too.

These parrot tattoos are representative of everything good in nature, combined with a nudge towards the flair for the dramatic as well. This tattoo design looks great as one or a pair of birds, flying or on a perch, and singing to its heart’s content.

For those who want to express their passionate side, their ability to find true love, and commit to being at their partner’s side forever, the parrot is a beautiful and powerful representation of that relationship with another.

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