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Horse Tattoos With Majestic and Graceful Meanings

Think about it for a second, it is hard to imagine human history without the involvement of horses in one way or another. These majestic creatures have helped man to expand territories, fight wars, and chase down prey.

Horses have made life easier for human beings since the early Europeans and Native Americans showed how versatile they could be.

Without the help of horses over time, this American continent could not have been colonized as it was. Even the Wild West was won on the backs of horses, so it is no wonder the horse tattoos are some of the most magnificent and creative this year.

The Horse and Power

Many of the greatest leaders in history would not be etched in our minds had it not been for the horse. Genghis Khan was considered to be one of the fiercest and revered fighting leaders in history, and he would never have been able to rule such a vast empire without a huge army of skilled horseback riders.

Even the Egyptians were able to easily decimate their enemies because their horse-drawn chariots were simply no match for warriors on foot.

Today, the horse tattoos are symbolic of power, dominance, perseverance, persistence, and nobility.

The Color of Your Horse

Now while many choose to go with vibrant color cartoon horses to symbolize their youth and days gone, this is an area you need to pay close attention.

One of the ways that you can easily transform the meaning of your horse tattoo is simply by changing your horses color.

For instance, white horses are symbolic of knights riding into towns and rescuing those damsels in distress, so white is associated with goodness, reincarnation, and hope. The black horse can represent evil, darkness, and bad omens.

Meanings of the Horse Tattoo

Since the horse is such a popular animal, it isn’t surprising that there are a huge variety of meanings associated with the design.

People who often get inked with this tattoo are often a wild child, free spirit, someone who can or will not be tamed so easily.

For those people, the horse tattoos are symbolic of nobility, freedom, strength, grace, and bravery. The horse is also representative of rebirth, fertility, intelligence, power, beauty, and companionship. For those who grew up owning horses, their tattoo can be a little of all these meanings and more.

Variations of Horse Tattoos

A Celtic horse tattoo represents victory, power, dominance, a willingness to go to battle, and fearlessness. Tribal horse tattoos, on the other hand, represent a more spiritual connection to the animal, and although they symbolize strength and power, they also have deep family ties too.

The winged or flying horse can be used as a memorial for a loved one who has passed or it represents unbridled passion in life, not conforming to boundaries, a freedom unlike any other.

As you can see, color, size, and added features can change the meaning of the horse tattoo significantly. Go with your heart here, because if you connect with the horse on any level, you will know when you got it right.

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