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Ribbon Tattoos – Hot To Use Them To Support Your Cause

While ribbon tattoos can be utilized to help draw attention to a certain cause, they also have the ability to create a unique focal point in your tattoo design.

The big draw with these ribbon tattoos is that they not only work for men and women, they look great just about anywhere on the body in any size too.

Consider all these creative and profound reasons to incorporate the ribbon tattoos in your next body ink design.

With so many ribbons representing so many causes, make sure the color you choose represents the cause you are trying to connect with.

There are some who choose the pink ribbons to represent their battle with cancer or to memorialize a loved one who has lost their battle.

These ribbons can be inked in that traditional color or you can incorporate the person’s name into the ribbon design to give it a more personal touch.

Another way to incorporate the ribbon tattoos as a memorial is placing it as the center of a butterfly or angel, with the dates of the deceased underneath.

When inking their name in the ribbon, it helps to give the design a more personal connection while still paying tribute to a person that you want to be a part of for the rest of your life.

Ribbons, in general, can be symbolic of a certain degree of class, and lacy ribbons on the wrists, ankles, or thighs, just beg to draw attention from those close enough to catch a glimpse.

These sexy ribbon tattoos can be inked just at the clothes line so that occasionally you catch a brief glimpse, and only the lucky ones get to see them in all their glory.

A small ribbon tattoo can be used in place of certain letters in words to really give that word a more powerful visual meaning. A tiny pink ribbon used in place of the letter O with the word “HOPE” can really command attention.

Using the little ribbon as the O in “POWER”, or the O in “MOM”, just makes the message so much more personal. It is hard to not get emotional when you see designs of that nature inked on someone.

Those who have served or have a loved one who was lost in the military have unique tattoo designs they use to represent their love for their country.

One creative way to represent this devotion to the military is placing the ribbon around an anchor with the name of the soldier or even some words of inspiration. Wrapping the ribbon with dog tags is yet another way to memorialize a military member.

Hanging a cross on the end of the ribbon adds an element of religion to your tattoo design. This can symbolize your belief in a higher power to guide you or to give you solace knowing that your loved one who has passed is in a better place with the Lord and not suffering any longer.

These are just a few of the different ribbon tattoo designs becoming more popular as the year unfolds.

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